Airbnb Sees Its Thanksgiving Reservations Multiply by 100 Over Five Years

The company trumpeted on Tuesday data that charted growth from 2,500 to 250,000.

Kimson Doan

Any business that experiences growth 100 times over in five years shouldn’t so much be thankful as continue sacrificing unbaptized virgins to whichever pagan deity its CEO cut a deal with, so here’s a hearty “Praise Cthulhu” to Airbnb this Thanksgiving.

The rental disrupter’s blog announced Tuesday that in 2010, roughly 2,500 Americans booked stays with Airbnb hosts versus the 250,000 expected to sleep off their turkey in listings this year.

The most profitable cities to be an Airbnb host are Houston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, and San Diego.

The average host is expected to make about $440 on the deal, enough for multiple dinners with all the trimmings or perhaps just a single Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie on the black market.

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