This Artist Carves 'Star Wars' Characters Into Crayons 

All artist Hoang Tran needs is a box of Crayolas and your favorite pop culture characters to create some mini-magic.


For more than a year, artist Hoang Tran has been posting photos of his crayon art online and on various social media sites. It’s some of the most impressive Crayola-based work you’re likely to find online — because, not coincidentally, Tran carves his crayons into marvelous figurines.

Here are some examples of Hoang Tran's 'Star Wars' characters carved out of crayons. 


Under the Instagram handle @mumblestohimself, Tran showcases his carved crayon art, which includes a Dia de los Muertos skull, Cartman from South Park, Batman, and a meth lab-ready Walter White.

Oh, and Star Wars characters. Quite a staggering fleet of them, in fact.

Here are some of our favorite Star Wars-related crayon art pieces from Tran’s Instagram page:

Besides Instagram and Facebook pages, you can also check out Tran’s Etsy shop where you can actually buy versions of each mini-pop culture creation. If you’re only up for window shopping, have a look at his Tumblr, Wax Nostalgic.

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