A Downed Plane Gives Russia Its Own Version of the Eiffel Tower Peace Symbol

Russia Foreign Ministry

After confirming for the first time that the 224 people killed in an October 31 Metrojet Airbus crash were the victims of a “terrorist act,” Russia has created its own version of the Eiffel Tower peace symbol emblem that quickly became seen across the globe after Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris.

The image was posted this morning on social media by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova Tuesday while the country’s military increased air strikes on Islamic State safehouses in Syria.

Here’s the Russian version:

It hasn’t gained the popularity of the Eiffel Tower symbol that went viral after this weekend’s attacks in Paris. Just like its inspiration using the French landmark, the Russian version uses the plane to create a peace symbol over the Russian flag colors of red, blue, and white.

“The murder of our people over Sinai is one of the bloodiest crimes in terms of the lives it claimed,” said Russian President Vladimir Putin during a late-night meeting on Monday. “We will not dry our tears – this will remain forever in our hearts and minds. However, this would not stop us from finding and punishing the perpetrators.”

For comparison’s sake, here’s the original version from artist Jean Jullien, who’s work was quickly adopted by supporters under the hashtag #PrayForParis.

The image was created by artist Jean Jullien

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