A Russian Martial Arts Studio Will Teach You to Fight With a Selfie Stick 

The Moscow center says selfie-stick owners are highly suspect to attack. 

Rob Howard/Flickr

The selfie stick offers a lot of opportunities — the good fortune to get that perfect angle or the chance to look pretty dumb. It also is a sign slapped on a metal pole that reads, “I’m probably a tourist and I’m definitely not paying attention right now.” That is why a martial arts center in Russia is offering their countrymen self-defense classes that incorporate the selfie stick.


Daria Lapisha of the M-Profi martial arts center in Russia says this new form of defense is called mpd-fighting (short for monopod). A selfie stick makes one a target for robbery, argues Lapisha, and they must use to use the stick as a weapon. The center offers selfie stick defense fighting in five lessons and believes that these techniques can be used against a variety of mixed martial arts attackers.

Selfie sticks are on the rise in Russia and haven’t seen the backlash the photography-equipment is currently having in the United Statesyet.

The Russian Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Vladimir Petrov recently proposed a bill to equip political representatives with selfie sticks to to document their region.