Nintendo Announces 'Star Fox Zero' Will Be Released on April 22, 2016

Keep doing barrel rolls until then.


Star Fox Zero, the new Star Fox game for the Nintendo Wii U, will be released on April 22, 2016 as announced at today’s Nintendo Direct.

Said Bill Trinen, Senior Product Marketing Manager of Nintendo of America: “Once again, mercenaries Fox, Falco. Slippy, and Peppy must unite as Team Star Fox and board their Arwings to save the galaxy.”

One of the few games that didn’t put me to sleep during the Nintendo Direct of E3, Star Fox Zero is the current-gen entry to the Star Fox franchise.

Nintendo’s space dogfighting series with cute anthropomorphic animals as space combat pilots is woefully understated and overshadowed by Mario and Donkey Kong, so it’s about time there is a new game for Nintendo’s current home console.

Here’s the full conference:

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