The Posters for 'Zoolander 2' Are Here 

And the sequel is ridiculously good-looking.

Zoolander 2, so hot right now. Zoolander 2. And now, with its own advertising materials. Behold:

Full of phones and selfies, it refers to the original and makes its intentions clear: these idiots are going to struggle with smartphones. (Which of course will have real-life male models cringing and giggling from the back rows.)

The film, written by Leftovers actor and Tropic Thunder writer Justin Theroux comes out February 2016. Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, and Will Ferrell are returning, along with Benedict Cumberbatch, Kristin Wiig, and Kanye West.

Although it has only released one appropriately over-the-top teaser trailer thus far, nobody is on crazy pills to say that this will be Derelicte’s trendiest move yet.