Stop Misspelling the Word ‘Wookiee,’ You Jabronis

It’s about spelling in ‘Star Wars’ journalism.


In the ever-furious media quest for clicks, another pillar of journalism has crumbled: People keep spelling “wookiee” with only one e. Although at first brush “wookie” might appear to be the proper arrangement of letters — thanks to actual words “cookie” and “rookie” — it is wrong. That the right way to spell wookiee requires two es is demonstrated by no less an authority than StarWars.com’s Databank, where you can learn about famous wookiees such as Chewbacca, and the wonderfully onomatopoeic Wullffwarro.

Which of us media ewoks gets it right? Here are the publications, ranked unscientifically by Google search result for both “wookie” and “wookiee.”

Gawker has 812 wookiee to 561 wookie. Pro-wookiee ratio: 1.45.

The Wall Street Journal has 36 wookiee to 45 wookie. Pro-wookiee ratio: 0.80.

The New York Times has 99 wookiee to 128 wookie. Pro-wookiee ratio: 0.77.

The Huffington Post has 685 wookiee to 1, 110 wookie. Pro-wookiee ratio: 0.62.

BuzzFeed has 126 wookiee to 239 wookie. Pro-wookiee ratio: 0.53.

The Associated Press has 0 wookiee to 1 wookie. Pro-wookiee ratio: 0.0. This is the best media organization, notwithstanding its scant coverage of Kashyyyk-based Star Wars sidekicks.

But, you know, the person without sin casting thermal detonators and all that: Inverse is wookie 5 to wookiee 1. Pro-wookiee ratio: 0.2. Dammit, guys.

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