The Trailer for 'Preacher' on AMC Has a Priest Break a Dude's Arm

AMC's adaptation of the DC Comics is a far cry from Sunday school.

After years in development hell, Garth Ennis’ dark comic series Preacher from DC/Vertigo is coming to life on cable TV and the show’s first trailer premiered during Sunday night’s extra-long The Walking Dead. It stars Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer and you need to see him break some guy’s arm.

AMC’s press release from September spells out a similar premise to the original Preacher comic, but the way the trailer is cut resembles little of Ennis’ book.

The original story is: A small town Texas priest is inhabited with a mysterious power, and embarks on a journey across the United States to “find God”, who has abandoned heaven.

This trailer looks like: A small town Texas priest is a badass hitman who takes jobs from 10-year-old members of his congregation.

Either sounds like a winner. Maybe for an Emmy, but definitely to get more comic book fans tuned to AMC since The Walking Dead.

Preacher was developed for TV by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg with Breaking Bad writer Sam Catlin on board as the series’ showrunner.