San Diego Insane Clown Posse Show Cancelled Because of Fear of Faygo Damage

An ICP show ain't an ICP show without Juggalos throwing Faygo.

The Insane Clown Posse’s show at the North Park Observatory in San Diego was cancelled Thursday and the ICP is “sorry as fuck.” The hip hop group from Detroit announced that the venue pulled out of the show because of concerns of Faygo damage.

Disappointed Juggalos will get their tickets refunded and fans who purchased the VIP package will still get their limited VIP commemorative tour amulet.

To the uninitiated, Faygo is an essential element of the Juggalo culture. From the “Faygo Song” to “Juggalo Juice”, it is not a Insane Clown Posse show without the syrupy soda and its ritual. At one Houston show it was reported that “Faygo came down and flooded the venue like a tropical storm.” Apparently, the North Park Observatory is not interested in such flooding.

On Wednesday, the ICP played a show in Orange County. In a review, OC Weekly reporter Nate Jackson said, “the floor of the Observatory steadily became a sticky mess as clowns took turns baptizing themselves with the excess [Faygo], dumping in on each other and ruining their makeup.”

It’s estimated that the ICP goes through 15 gallons of Faygo during a show. This performance isn’t the first to fall as a Faygo-induced casualty — in 2010 ICP had to postpone a show in Tempe, Arizona because of a “Faygo delivery problem.”.

Faygo is a Detroit-based soda that can trace its roots to 1907. It was once loaded and delivered on a horse-drawn carriage. Now, the Insane Clown Posse has meticulous tips on how to get maximum-Faygo-spraying per liter. (The trick is holding it upside down with your finger blocking the top. The beauty of simplicity.)

What Faygo gives, it also takes. In a 2010 Ticketmaster review a mom racked up her expenses for a show, writing her maximum cost was, “New cell phone: $120. Because daughter’s was destroyed by Faygo drinks that literally soaked her to the skin.”

Commenting on Thursday’s cancellation, ICP wrote, “It ain’t an Insane Clown Posse show without Faygo so that means we’ve been left with no choice but to call off the show . . .as stale as fuck as that is.”