Daniel Craig Says Bond's a Misogynist Who Teaches the World "Nothing"

Daniel Craig is sick of being 007. But more sick of being interviewed about it.

Daniel Craig is officially contracted for another Bond movie after Spectre. That legal detail is unlikely to stop him breaking free of his 007 obligations, seeing as he recently confessed that he’d rather slash his wrists than play the secret agent again.

Today, Craig responded to the fanboy questions posed by Red Bulletin with the same frank and abrupt tone he’s known to adopt during interviews.

“Nothing,” was his delayed response when asked what James Bond can teach us about our day-to-day lives. His curt answer to the next fawning question — “Surely Bond has some inspirational personality traits?” — is a debilitating blow to the interviewer, who throughout the whole conversation blows smoke up 007’s butt.

“Let’s not talk these films up as some kind of life-changing experience,” Craig says. “Bond is what Bond does.”

When asked to address how Bond’s success with women makes him appealing to men, Craig’s retort is razor sharp. “But let’s not forget that he’s actually a misogynist. A lot of women are drawn to him chiefly because he embodies a certain kind of danger and never sticks around for too long.”

So what of his recent foray into modern chivalry? “That’s because we’ve surrounded him with very strong women who have no problem putting him in his place.”

Can’t say it’s the first time someone’s labelled Bond a womanizer, but it’s seldom from the lips of the actor who’s playing him. Still, Craig has made a point of separating himself from the character, a feat perfectly exampled when the interviewer drops this absolute corker: “And this time you’ve gone one better, showing 007 succumbing to the charms of an older woman.”

He’s referring to this old hag:

“I think you mean the charms of a woman his own age,” Craig replies. “We’re talking about Monica Bellucci, for heaven’s sake. When someone like that wants to be a Bond girl, you just count yourself lucky!” Can’t argue with him on that one.