A Florida Senator Really, Really Hates the YouTube Kids App

"How to open a beer with another beer ... This is for children!" 


The United States Congress has a lot to worry about. The House has voted to form a special committee to investigate Planned Parenthood. The GOP is in shambles trying to find a poor soul to replace Speaker John Boehner. And Senator Bill Nelson, a Democrat from Florida, continues his quest against the YouTube Kids app.

Senator Nelson is concerned that with how YouTube selects content for the application, which is seven months old. The Federal Trade Commission has complained that the app will swarm toddlers with advertisements and is unable to filter out grown-up content. In a response to a letter of concern from Nelson, Google’s Vice President of Public Policy Susan Molinari (also a former Republican congresswoman) replied that as this is YouTube, the videos are not curated by humans and are not pre-viewed. If parents find anything they don’t want in YouTube, they have to flag it.

Undeterred with this response, Senator Nelson took to the Senate floor armed with slides and political outrage.

“What is appropriate content for our toddlers?” asks Nelson incredulously. He reveals a new sign, reading aloud the title, which is “How To Open A Beer With Another Beer.”

“Here is another fairly graphic picture.” A slide emerges of a young man attempting to open a beer with teeth. “Is that appropriate?” questions Nelson.

Obviously, we know the answer is decidedly not. That is absolutely terrible form and kids need to learn the best way to open a beer is with a lighter.