Africa's Great Wildebeest Migration Live-Streamed for The First Time  

Ease back with your favorite takeout and let this rarely seen natural epic sooth your soul. 


Summer is defintely behind us, Donald Trump’s still riding the polls, T-mobile customers got hacked, Zack Snyder’s not done kicking Watchmen while it’s down. But what do you do to get away from the madness? As of now, you can Wildebeest and Chill. For the first time ever on October 5, people will be able to watch Africa’s annual great wildebeest migration in real time using mobile app Periscope and YouTube’s Live Streaming Service.

Once a year, more than 1 million wildebeest, 500,000 gazelle, and 200,000 zebras heed the call to travel 1,000 miles from the Serengeti to fresh grazing turf in Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve. The rare traveler who’s been able to witness it in person, the only way to do so until now, has called it the “trip of a lifetime” and a view is so coveted travel packages cost thousands, not including the cost of travel.

The centerpiece of this massive, furry peregrination is the Mara River crossing. Crocodiles lunge for slow moving herbivores as panicked herds strike out fiercely for the shore. It’s got more action than your average Jason Statham Netflix classic.

Sure, signing up on Herdtracker to watch the live broadcast with one tab open to Seamless might be a little less exotic, but this way doesn’t require a mosquito net.

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