Berlin Candy Store Now Boasts the World's First 3D Printed Fruit Gummy Printer

Willkommen, simulated sucrose schadenfreude!

YouTube/Magic Candy Factory

A German candy store is the first in the world to offer 3D printed candy to shoppers. Novelty fruit gummies don’t come cheap: The candies, printed in a dozen shapes, will cost you $5 a pop. Or, for $11 a word, you can write out the names of your enemies, and find solace in the fact that, over the next 20 hours, your body will turn their sugary effigies to waste.

Located at Cafe Gruen Ohr in Berlin, the candy printer, a Wonkian device called the Magic Candy Factory, lays out lines of hot flavored gum candy to extrude shapes like butterflies. But we won’t only be squeezing out sugary confections through our food nozzles. Announced in 2014, the Foodini spurts out a variety of ingredients kept in capsules printing dishes like ravioli that can be heated and served.

At this point, most food printers are proof of concept or, like the Candy Factory, a bit of a gimmick. But if devices like the Cultivator, a bioprinting meat machine, are any indication, down the line our proteins might come in effecient slabs of cells layered like tasty masonry.

You can watch angsty towheaded German kids try out the Magic Candy Factory here:

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