'Smash Ultimate' Byleth moveset: Full move list, explained

The hero of 'Fire Emblem: Three Houses' is the latest fighter to join the SSBU roster.

Byleth will join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster on January 28, announced game director Masahiro Sakurai on January 16. The main protagonist of Fire Emblem: Three Houses will be the fifth and final DLC fighter included in Nintendo’s first Fighter Pass, which previously added the likes of Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury) and Joker (Persona 5) to the game.

This will be the eighth Fire Emblem character in Smash Ultimate, but Byleth won’t be much like their sword-wielding counterparts. They’ll be most similar to Robin because of the four “Hero’s Relic” weapons they can use in battle. Byleth focuses more on long-ranged melee attacks, instead of spellcasting or grappling.

“Sadly, they’re lacking in mobility. It’s maybe a bit better than Robin’s, but that’s about all you can say for them,” said Sakurai. “Throws are not their strong point either, their grab lacks range. But you could say they’re a distant demon.”


Here’s a complete breakdown of all of Byleth’s moves we saw during Thursday’s Nintendo Direct.

Sword of the Creator (Upward Attacks)

The Sword of the Creator is Byleth’s default weapon and will be the Hero’s Relic players will likely use most in fights. It transforms into a whip when players swing at opponents, similar to some of Simon and Richter’s abilities.

All of their Jabs, Tilt Attacks, and Dash Attacks use the sword-whip hybrid. These moves have big, disjointed hit boxes in front, behind, or above Byleth. Mastering them will require getting comfortable with spacing out your enemies.

All four of the Hero's Relic's Byleth has access to in battle. Players can choose which one they wield based on the directional inputs of their attacks.


The Sword of the Creator is also used for Byleth’s Up Smash, which whips the sword upward to launch enemies in the air with a strong, multi-hit move. Up Air is very similar and flails the weapon above Byleth’s head when their airborne. This move seems like the character’s best juggle and anti-air option.

Finally, their Up Special is a mix of Zero Suit Samus’ Flip Jump and Joker’s Grappling Hook. Byleth can use it at the ledge to tether to the stage when they need to recover, but it also has devastating offensive capabilities.

Byleth's Up Special doubles as a recovery and flashy offensive whip. 


If an enemy is right next to or directly above Byleth, they can use their Up Special to fling them into the air and knock them away. If an opponent has a high damage percentage, this move will meteor smash them straight down, making it a risky but flashy way to KO your opponent off stage. At low percentages, the move will be sent upwards.

Areadbhar (Side Attacks)

Areadbhar is a lance Byleth equips when players input Forward Air, Back Air, Side Smash, and Side Special. The weapon has incredible range and a sweet spot at its tip that greatly rewards perfect spacing, a lot like Marth’s attacks.

Both Byleth’s Forward and Back Air attacks seem like strong poking tools that can be used to harass opponents trying to get back on stage, or simply keep them at a distance.

Byleth's Side Special is a massive sweeping lance attack that covers platforms when performed on the ground.


Their Side Smash can be angled up or down, like many other characters in the game, but these inputs will be especially important for Byleth. Sakurai revealed an upward-tiled Side Smash is the move’s strongest variation, while a downward-tiled Side Smash is the only way to land the move opponents that have been knocked on the ground.

Byleth’s Side Special is a massive, sweeping strike with Areadbhar. It propels them forward when done on the ground and can cover platforms. When done in the air, it doesn’t move Byleth forward much, but is still a powerful spacing tool. The move has a ton of reach, but leaves Byleth vulnerable if it’s shielded or whiffed.

Aymr (Downward Attacks)

Byleth unsheathes their axe, Aymr, when pulling off Down Air, Down Special, and Down Smash. Both of these moves are among more devastating attacks in their kit.

Down Air swings Aymr directly under Byleth when they’re mid-air, if the tip strikes an opponent it sends them plummeting downward at great velocity. This can be used to end stocks early when an enemy is off stage, but you’ll need to time it correctly.

Byleth's Down Special is a slow, but very powerful axe strike that grants them super armor during the wind up.


Down Special is Byleth’s version of Falcon Punch. The incredibly powerful strike has a lengthy wind-up, but deals massive damage if it connects. It also grants Byleth super armor when they’re mid-swing, making the move uninterruptible unless they’re grabbed out of it.

Players can also switch its direction at the last second and drop through platforms when they’re performing it. So while the special if very slow, it can be a bit more unpredictable if Byleth mixes up their movements.

Failnaught (Netural Attacks)

Finally, Byleth’s only projectile-based weapon is Failnaught. They equip this bow when players input a Neutral Air and Neutral Special.

Neutral Air spins the bow around Byleth when they’re jumping, a lot like Pit and Dark Pits Neutral Air. The attack doesn’t have much range compared to their other, but it seems like a solid “get off me” option.

Byleth's charged Neutral Special is an extremely strong arrow shot. Just be careful, once it's charged Byleth needs to shoot it, which leaves them vulnerable to having it reflected back at them.


Neutral Special is where Failnaught shines. When players tap the B-button, Byleth will shoot a relatively weak arrow straight forward. Holding B a bit longer will trigger a charging animation that can’t be released early, but fires a faster and more powerful arrow. Players can cancel out of the stance by hitting the shield button.

If you keep holding B, the arrow will begin to glow yellow and launch devastating arrow forward that looks like a smaller version of Robin’s [Thoron]( spell. It deals close to 30 percent damage on impact and seems like it’s best used to snipe opponents off-stage, but use it wisely. Once the arrow starts to glow you’re forced to fire it, which can be dangerous against enemies with reflectors.

Final Smash


Byleth’s Final Smash is named “Progenitor God Ruptured Heaven.” They sweep the Sword of the Creator in front of them and anyone caught by it is whipped up into the move and takes massive damage.

Once in the move, the goddess Sothis from Three Houses powers up Byleth’s sword to deliver an Earth-shattering whip attack that can kill at mid-percentages (50s and 60s).

Byleth will be released on January 28 as part of the $24.99 Fighter Pack or they’ll be available for purchase separately for $5.99 in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

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