Kanye West Debuts a New Song at New York Fashion Week Show

The show show featured the color beige -- and a danceable new song from Kanye.

Virgil Abloh (@virgilabloh) Instagram

Today, Kanye West debuted his “Yeezy Season 2” fashion line as part of New York Fashion Week. Thanks to Dazed, you can watch the whole thing on Periscope. The line looks remarkably similar to “Season 1”: tattered, neutral, beige, post-apocalyptic, oversized. The jury is still out on Kanye-as-fashion designer, but undisputed is his ability to put on a show, selling out tickets for movie theater viewings across the world.

In a likely intentionally unsettling and awkward presentation, the models paraded in rows to meekly delivered military commands. They turn right, halt, and about-face. If rigidity can be fascinating, Kanye’s done it here, even while the models slouch and wear sweatshirts that flop beyond their hands. His designs both simple and embrace contrast: technical but not all that practical. Sneakers meant for athletic use don’t stretch like boots up your calf. They mimic sportswear, only to exaggerate the key features.

The show reaches its climax when the speakers start to boom out a new West track called “Fade,” according to Pitchfork. It features Ty Dolla $ign (with whom West worked on “Only One” and “FourFiveSeconds”) and Post Malone.

It’s got an ’80s bounce to it, with an upbeat dark bassline and an echoing sample calling out “I feel it!” The song is fairly dancey, but more along the lines of repetitive techno than anything like contemporary EDM. It’s unclear whether “Fade” will end up on SWISH.

Chances are, as he’s done before, the “Yeezy Season 2” showcase is a testing ground for its public reception. This NYFW show was brief and straightforward. West got in, gave a quick bow and a nugget of music for us to chew on, and got out. He grabbed our attention, likely leaving many unfulfilled with the size of the sample.