Bryan Cranston and Crackle Are All in With ‘SuperMansion’ Marvel Parody Trailer

Evil doesn't get old, but heroes do.

It’s a claymation web series, so SuperMansion isn’t getting the sort of hype it likely deserves. The comedy, which released its first official trailer this week, will debut on October 8 and — if all goes well — be a Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee-level hit. What it will also be is weird AF and dense with stars, including Bryan Cranston, Famke Janssen (Jean Grey herself), Anton Yelchin, Keegan-Michael Key, and Seth Green, who is also producing.

The show follows Cranston’s Titanium Rex, an aging superman figure with a swollen prostate and an inferiority complex who’s looking for the chance to prove he can still fight crime (in the form of an evil prop comic). His sidekicks include a racist Captain America knockoff borrowed from that Roy Wood Jr. bit, a Cat-woman who is more cat than woman, and Jewbot, a Semitic Vision. The show is, in short, a send-up of all things franchise that seems like a more specific mockery than most of the superhero jokes you tend to see actors sleepwalk through on TV. This being Crackle, things will likely get dirty — as well they should.

The nice thing with a project like this is that it will either be great or terrible. With Cranston involved, the odds are in its favor.

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