‘Star Wars 9’ theory says R2-D2 reenacts iconic 'Return of the Jedi' moment

What's the little droid been hiding all this time?


As the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker draws closer, Luke Skywalker’s green lightsaber has yet to make an appearance in the present-day storyline of the new trilogy. The Last Jedi novelization by Jason Fry vaguely intimated the famed green blade has been in the care of Ahch-To’s caretakers, referring to it only as “his weapon.” However, there’s plenty of wiggle room for the green saber to make an unexpected appearance in Episode IX.

One interesting theory suggests Luke’s lightsaber has been with R2-D2 all this time, and that the droid will reenact an iconic moment from Return of the Jedi in the upcoming movie to bring it out of hiding with a dramatic flourish.

Warning! Speculative spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Even after appearing in nine of the ten Star Wars movies, R2-D2 hasn’t yet been mentioned as a major player in The Rise of Skywalker. However, the droid has done its fair share of supporting Luke and his pals over the years, so it’s safe he could get a noteworthy last hurrah in Episode IX. While the location of Luke’s green lightsaber is still very much a mystery, there’s a chance that R2-D2 has held onto it for some time and will find a reason to bring it back in Episode IX.

Luke and his green lightsaber fight off Jabba the Hutt in 'Return of the Jedi'.


Reddit user buqinator proposed the idea that R2-D2 has kept Luke’s green lightsaber, last seen in the flashback from The Last Jedi. The theorist predicts the droid will whip it out to give to Kylo Ren at an opportune moment. While Kylo Ren’s rumored redemption (referred to among hopeful fans as “Bendemption”) is still very much up in the air, it’s possible he will abandon the Dark side to fight alongside Rey against Emperor Palpatine. This is where the crux of the theory comes into play.

“Ben turns to the light side and R2-D2 shoots out Luke’s green lightsaber to Ben, who then uses it to help Rey fight,” writes the theorist.

Since Star Wars loves to use parallels and callbacks to previous films, R2-D2 throwing Kylo his uncle’s long-lost lightsaber would mirror the scene from Return of the Jedi. If you recall, the scene saw Luke and Han fighting off Jabba the Hutt’s goons at the precipice of the Sarlacc Pit — just one of many pits to feature prominently in the films.

The scene in question pivots on Luke launching himself off of the plank and back onto the pirate ship in epic fashion. He does this at the exact moment R2-D2 launches his lightsaber into the air, allowing him to catch it just in time to fight.

If R2-D2 is keeping the green lightsaber in safekeeping and it’s Kylo who uses it, it would work to bring their relationship full circle. While there’s a chance the lightsaber will forever remain on Ahch-To (or wherever it really is), to bring it back as suggested would be a great way to finally make peace between uncle and nephew.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20.

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