'The Grudge' (2020) release date, trailer, cast for the Sam Raimi reboot

2020 will see the return of the long-dormant Grudge franchise, just over ten years since its last installment (The Grudge 3). The original 2004 installment is one of the hallmarks of the J-horror remake craze, alongside The Ring, and spawned two sequels, though each brought with it diminishing returns (the third went directly to DVD, skipping a theatrical release altogether). But on January 3rd, 2020 the franchise will make its return to screens with a fresh new creative team and a fresh take on the story.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming revamp of The Grudge, coming in 2020, from its release date to how it connects the rest of the franchise to horror maestro Sam Raimi’s involvement.

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What’s the release date for The Grudge (2020)?

The Grudge hits theaters on January 3, 2020.

Is there a trailer for The Grudge (2020)?

Yes! You can watch it at the top of this page.

IsThe Grudge (2020) a sequel or a reboot?

While plans for a direct sequel to the original trilogy circulated for some time after the release of the third film, this installment is confirmed as a reboot of the franchise. We won’t be seeing the return of any former players, with the movie focusing on a new cast and taking place seemingly exclusively in America instead.

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Who’s in the cast and crew of The Grudge (2020)

The biggest name attached to the reboot is horror legend Sam Raimi. While his best-known credits include the original three Spider-Man films, he’s also a landmark director in the genre, having made the Evil Dead trilogy and a handful of other genre classics. Raimi is on board here as a producer, with director Nicolas Pesce behind the camera.

Pesce has two horror films to his credit, one of which is the exceptional black-and-white outing The Eyes of My Mother. He also manned 2018’s slick psychological horror film Piercing. The Grudge looks to be a step up in scale and budget for him but his horror bonafides speak for themselves. In other words, the series is in good hands.

The cast for this one is also exceptional, with Mandy’s Andrea Riseborough stepping into the lead role (a new character, not the one originally performed by Sarah Michelle Gellar in the original). She’ll be joined by John Cho of Star Trek and last year’s exceptional Searching. GLOW’s Betty Gilpin and Insidious’s Lin Shaye will also appear in the film, with Jacki Weaver anchoring the cast.

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What’s the plot ofThe Grudge 2020?

Based on the trailer, the film takes a very similar approach to the original, at least in terms of the mechanics of the haunting. This time around our main character will be Riseborough’s Detective Muldoon, who seems to encounter the titular ghostly curse when she enters a house in which a gruesome murder took place. (It feels safe to assume that she’s been assigned to the case, or at least a case connected to the house and its curse.) It looks like she’s alerted to the haunting by John Cho’s character, who plays a real estate agent tasked with selling the house.

Part of the genius of the original Japanese film Ju-on (a trait carried over in the American remake* is the simplicity of the way the curse functions: if you enter the house, you die. That seems to be remaining intact for the latest installment in the franchise, as it should, considering how crucial it is to the series’ appeal and the lore that holds it together.

With the first trailer out now and January right around the corner, there will almost certainly be more Grudge news soon. Fans of the original franchise look like they’re in for a treat with this one, though Pesce warned at New York Comic Con 2019 that, “this one is way more fucked up.” To be fair, it sounds like that’s exactly what fans of The Grudge would want.

You can catch The Grudge in theaters on January 3, 2020.

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