'Star Wars 9' spoilers reveal how Rey finds Leia's secret lightsaber

This could be one of the most powerful scenes in the entire Skywalker saga.

The final installment of the Star Wars trilogy of trilogies is just weeks away from its release, and fans’ appetite for spoilers and clues about the movie has kicked into hyperdrive. On the heels of last week’s [massive leak about The Rise of Skywalker’s climactic final showdown, a new Reddit leak reaffirms many of those details while also suggesting Rey will have a tantalizing new tool in her arsenal for the final showdown against the Dark side: a lightsaber that Leia used during her training at Luke’s Jedi temple.

Possible spoilers ahead for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. If you don’t want to know major plot details about the upcoming film, proceed no further.

Redditor u/JediPaxis, moderator of the StarWarsLeaks subreddit, prefaced the forum’s latest infodump by acknowledging that the film is still in the final stages of production, and may change somewhat ahead of the final cut. (You can check out the full post at the bottom of the article.) According to JediPaxis, Rey will be rattled by the discovery that she’s Palpatine’s granddaughter, and fearful of her own terrible power. So she chooses to “follow the example set by Luke and exile herself on the island where the Jedi began.” Who’s hankering for a tasty glass of green space walrus milk?

Rey goes to see Luke on Ahch-To. She'll return to the planet in *The Rise of Skywalker,* according to new leaks. 


Shortly after arriving back at Ahch-To, Rey tosses away the blue Skywalker saber. But a ghostly hand reaches out to grab it before it hurtles into oblivion. It’s Luke, who encourages Rey not to give up by telling her of Leia’s enormous confidence in her. “[Leia] saw the potential within her and hoped that Rey would be able to restore balance to the Force once more just as Anakin once did,” the redditor writes. Presumably, we’ll learn more about Leia’s sentiments toward Rey throughout The Rise of Skywalker from some of the archival footage of Carrie Fisher originally shot for The Force Awakens, because there hasn’t been a lot of evidence for this in the two preceding films.

Thanks to Luke’s pep talk, Rey is reinvigorated and ready to take on Palps. There’s just one problem: she destroyed the ship she used to get to Ahch-To. But that’s no biggie when you’ve got an all-powerful Jedi as your mentor (even if he isn’t exactly alive). Luke dredges up his iconic X-Wing fighter and then directs Rey to his hut where he’s been keeping Leia’s lightsaber safe ever since she stopped training. This means Rey’s got two sabers: the Anakin/Luke Skywalker blade and now Leia’s.

The leak doesn’t reveal the color of Leia’s blade, but last week’s Making Star Wars leak suggests, via artistic renderings, that it will be the same blue as her brother’s. Both leaks claim Rey will wield the two blades simultaneously, one in each hand, during the final battle again Palpatine. (She’ll take on the Emperor alone, without Kylo Ren’s help, according to MSW.)

Once the battle’s won and the Emperor vanquished (again), Rey and her resistance pals will return to the place the Skywalker saga began: Tatooine. We learn that after the final battle, Rey disassembles Anakin and Leia’s lightsabers, combining them to make a new one with a “golden/yellow blade” for herself. The leaker explains that “Rey buries the leftover pieces beneath the Tatooine sands at the site of the Lars homestead.”

In the closing moments of the film, as the iconic twin suns set over the familiar landscape, a stranger asks Rey her name, noting that very few people ever visit this place. “Rey has decided who she is,” says JediPaxis. “She gives the name Rey Skywalker to the stranger, adopting the name of her masters and revealing the primary meaning of the title of the film.”

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker comes to theaters December 20.

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