Adding your friends in 'Mario Kart Tour' is weirdly complicated

How do you rank against the competition? You'll need to finish the tutorial to find out


Few things in life are more satisfying than stealing first place from your friend in Mario Kart with a well-timed red shell. Sadly, the recently released mobile game Mario Kart Tour doesn’t yet support head-to-head multiplayer, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo’s latest app is a completely solitary experience.

Mario Kart Tour won’t let gamers drift through Rainbow Road with other players online, but it will rank their scores against the competition on its leaderboards. The mobile game will compare users against opponents around the world and their friends so they can see who reigns supreme on the course. All they have to do is add their friends on the game to get started.

Tap the "Friends" option under the 'Mario Kart Tour' menu to access your ID.

Mario Kart Tour

How to add friends on Mario Kart Tour

To start competing with your buds, you’ll need to either give them your 12-digit Mario Kart Tour ID, or type theirs in to add them to your friends list.

To find the ID, open “Menu” in the app, tap the orange “Friends” button, and hit “Add Friend” under the “Friends Ranking” tab. This will bring up your ID, as well as the option to type someone else’s. The menu will also let you invite someone to play the iOS and Android game through Facebook or Twitter.

Once an invite is accepted both users will appear under Friends Ranking with their weekly score that’s boosted by completing races and challenges.

The 'Mario Kart Tour' menu won't work before it tutorial is complete. So finish up your first four races before adding friends.

Mario Kart Tour

How to unlock the Mario Kart Tour friends list

Before users can add friends on Mario Kart Tour they’ll need to complete the game’s tutorial by finishing their first cup, which is made up of four races.

The app won’t let users add friends before the tutorial is finished, all of the menu options will be grayed out. But once the early part of the game is complete, the menu will function normally.

Once that’s done, all that’s left is to hit the track for a few practice laps and prepare to leave your pals in the dust.

Mario Kart Tour is available now for iOS and Android devices.

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