Where to find 'Fortnite' the firing ranges in Season 10, Week 9

Time for some good old fashioned target practice.

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Shooting galleries, firing ranges, or whatever else Epic Games is calling them these days in Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X are the focus of two new challenges as part of the “Bullseye!” mission set released Thursday. The first is part of the standard set, and the second comes as a prestige version that’s more difficult than the first.

“Hit easy firing range target,” the first challenge reads. Once players do that and the other six standard challenges in Bullseye!, they’ll then be able to manually unlock the prestige set, where the fourth challenge is “hit hard firing range target.” The distinction is pretty straightforward: “easy” targets are closer and “hard” targets are further away.

There are three firing range locations on the map currently, and just like every other challenge of this ilk in the past, the hard part is that you’ll need to collect adequate weaponry viable at varied ranges to make things either. Some kind of rifle is ideal.

Here are the three target ranges players can use for the two Bullseye! challenges.

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I saw a lot of success with the shooting range north of Snobby Shores and south of Haunted Hills on the northwestern coast. If you see the large wooden building that looks like it was built by a player, you’ll find the starting point of the firing range just north of that. You’ll want to either land at that wooden structure or the dilapidated house to the north. You could also just land at Snobby Shores or Haunted Hills to collect gear and then migrate over.

Whether you select this or another location, the same principles apply: Collect your weapons first, and then step on the plate with feet symbols on them facing in the same direction. Targets will pop up in front of you. You’ll need to hit the easy targets before the hard ones will emerge. If you have the time and nobody’s around, you’d do well to scout the area and find the targets first so you know what to expect.

The basic version of this challenge is easier than similar variations in the past. You only need to hit a single one to get credit for the challenge completion.

What a shot!

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X is currently scheduled to end on Saturday, October 5.

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