What Is 'Untitled Goose Game'? 6 Memes to Explain the Weird New Release

'Splinter Cell' meets 'Goat Simulator' in the viral indie oddball.

The Untitled Goose Game has honked and waddled its way to internet stardom since its September 20 release on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch. Gamers hop into the webbed feet of a mischievous goose tasked with completing quirky, stealth puzzles, like yoinking the keys from a gardener’s belt. In essence, it’s like Splinter Cell meets Goat Simulator but the avian protagonist has already transcended the game’s simple premise to become an online icon.

The indie developed by Australian studio House House only packs about two or three hours of gameplay (or seven minutes if you’re a speed-runner). But it has whipped up a meme-storm on Twitter and Reddit unlike any of the AAA titles released this year, which serves as a testament to the glowing reviews its garnered from the most popular gaming outlets.


Here’s a round up of the Untitled Goose Game memes that speak to the most memorable aspects of the quirky indie.

Fowl Play Is the Name of the Game

Gamers receive a to-do list of vague tasks to complete, like “get the groundskeeper wet,” to complete as they toddle around and wreak havoc on a quaint English village. Throughout the avian adventure, players will encounter “No Geese Allowed” signs, which they’ll clearly need to ignore because they’re a flappin’ renegade who doesn’t play by the rules.


The lawless bird behavior that drives the game is also a subtle nudge to just have fun being an annoying goose and is the subject of some of the game’s most popular memes, some of which have garnered close to 1,000 upvotes on Reddit.


Kotaku’s Nathan Grayson felt the Untitled Goose Game had some serious sandbox qualities. This urged players to explore the game outside of its check list and it lends itself to be joked about online.


“[The] objectives sometimes feel more like suggestions,” he wrote. “I still want to get back in there and just mess with people more — see what happens when I get certain characters to chase me into certain areas, or if others will react to particular items.”


It’s a Blank Canvass

That in-game freedom has let many players spread their wings and cause chaos, translating perfectly into some great memes.


This power-dynamic translates perfectly into any meme where the goose represents an unstoppable force hellbent on messing with anything. Whether it be Brexit jokes or jokes about the game itself the Untitled Goose Game is a ideal blank canvas for memes.

Yes, There’s a Dedicated Honk Button

Players can honk whenever and however they want. This ability will let them lure the groundskeeper away from the garden to sneak in or triumphantly honk as they run away with a poor park-goer’s glasses.


It’s useful, hysterical, and widely customizable. Gamers can pick up objects to remix their honking, which IGN’calls a standout gameplay feature that’s also become fodder for many of the game’s best memes and jokes.

“I also loved tiny details like bottles, traffic cones, or even a harmonica altering your honk while you are holding them in your bill,” the site notes.

The combination of the Untitled Goose Game’s simplicity and vivacious online fandom have earned it place next to any of this year’s $60 major releases.

The Untitled Goose Game is out now for PC, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

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