Where to find a "hill top with a circle of trees" in 'Fortnite' Week 8

There's also Polar Peak and a volcano to land at to complete this lofty challenge.

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Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X, Week 8 brought with it a new mission set of premium challenges Thursday called “Storm Racers.” In addition to one challenge that sends players back to a race track, there’s one that has players “land on Polar Peak, a Volcano, and a hill top with a circle of trees.” Polar Peak is a named location easy to find in the southwestern area of the map with the unnamed volcano easy to find (on account of all the lava) in the northeastern area of the map.

But what about the hill top with a circle of trees?

There isn’t really a coherent explanation for why these three places are connected. It’s possible that they’re the three current points on the map with the highest elevation — excluding oddities like the floating island or the meteor suspended in space-time. Regardless, a challenge is a challenge, so here’s a map showing all three locations.

Here's where to find the hill top with a circle of trees for the 'Fortnite' Storm Racers challenge, along with the volcano and Polar Peak.

Epic Games

Merely visiting these three locations does not count, meaning that you’ll have to land at each destination directly from the battle bus in three separate matches. On the plus side, unlike some similar challenges, there’s no way for enemies to destroy your target landing destination. They could still theoretically shoot you out of the sky while you’re still parachuting

The order in which you visit also doesn’t matter, so the best thing to do is just land at whichever destination is closest based on your Battle Bus trajectory. Assuming you survive your initial encounter against the enemy players also trying to accomplish this challenge, you could always continue the match as normal. Depending on your landing destination, you could make your way over to a race track if you still need to complete that challenge.

Otherwise, you might as well take a dive right off the side of the mountain to end the match early so you can move on to the next one — assuming completing the challenge is your focus.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X is currently scheduled to end on Saturday, October 5. While that is subject to change, that leaves only a couple more weeks to complete this and other challenges.

Here’s a video exploring some volcano vents before Season X:

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