New Study Explains Why Men Send "D*ck Pics"

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Many have wondered why many men feel the urge to send unsolicited dick pics to women, and science is here to give us an answer. A new study in the Journal of Sex Research claims men send dick pics because they’re hoping to receive some nudes in return, or because they’re hoping the picture will lead to sex.

The results here aren’t too surprising. A man who sends a dick pic surely is attracted to the person he’s sending the picture to and would enjoy receiving pictures in return. Of course, that man would also like to have sex with this person. All of that said, guys, just remember you should not send women unsolicited dick pics. Get their approval before sending someone a portrait of your package.

"The masculine obsession with showcasing the penis has been evident for as long as history records

To conduct the study, researchers from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and the ORGASM Research Lab had 1,087 men complete an online survey where they answered questions about dick pics and elements of their personality. In terms of personality, the survey tested for “narcissism, exhibitionism, erotophilia-erotophobia, and sexism.”

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The participants in the study were recruited from a Western Canadian university and by posting advertisements for the study in local businesses, on college campuses, and online. This study focused solely on straight males. Existing research seems to indicate gay men don’t have negative reactions to unsolicited dick pics as much as straight women do, so they felt they’d focus on heterosexual relationships.

The study found the men who were sending dick pics were hoping receiving the picture would sexually excite the woman they were sending it to. It also found men who send these pictures tend to be more narcissistic and more sexist than men who do not.

“The masculine obsession with showcasing the penis has been evident for as long as history records,” the study reads. It explains that to the man the penis not only represents sex but also “strength, power, and virility.” These days, with the advent of the smartphone, it’s simply much easier for men to shoot off pictures of their dick to people near and far.

This study also points out that there’s a difference between sexting and sending a dick pic. Sexting involves words, and yes, often an exchange of erotic pictures. Dick pics, however, are kind of a one-way street. When one refers to a dick pic, they’re typically talking about a man sending them a picture of their penis without much or any warning.

“The primary purpose for sexting is positive, with both genders reporting motives of confidence boosting, relationship enhancement, entertainment, and sexual satisfaction,” the study states. “The dick pic itself, however, has yet to hold the fore in such discussions.”

The study even goes on to explain the differences between a dick pic that can be thought of as part of sexting and one that would probably be labeled sexual harassment. A dick pic that is requested from someone or sent after the receiver has given the sender consent is perfectly fine sexual behavior. Sending someone a picture of your dick without warning them and getting their approval is considered to be a form of sexual harassment.

Because dick pics are so common, the study actually speculates that many men might not think they’re a big deal and may see it as a normal part of flirting with someone.

“It is possible that, with awareness of the prevalence of dick pics, men may perceive this to be a normal and acceptable strategy of introduction and/or flirtation,” the study reads. “It may also be that sending a dick pic is easier than articulating one’s sexual interest in another via words.”

Though it is true that dick pics are prevalent, and I’m sure many have grown accustomed to receiving them from time to time when they’re dating around, I think it’s safe to say many people would find the idea that this might just become a traditional part of the dating process a bit distressing.

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