Tom Holland's Dad on Spider-Man Articles on Tom Holland's Dad: "Fake News"

Here's what Spider-Man's IRL father does (or doesn't) know about the Marvel-Sony deal.

'Spider-Man: Homecoming'

No, not Uncle Ben or Tony Stark. Tom Holland’s real father, comedian Dominic Holland, has been blogging up a storm in recent days regarding the extremely public ongoing negotiations between Disney and Marvel that could yank Spider-Man out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for good. After press outlets pounced on an August 21 blog post from Dominic titled “Stormy waters…” he fired back a day later with a second entry with a clear if somewhat Trump-ish message: “Fake news.”

To be clear, Dominic Holland isn’t calling reports that Disney has ended its agreement with Sony fake news. Rather, he’s calling out the articles that covered his initial post predicting that Spider-Man would continue on in some capacity. For reference, here’s the relevant bit of what Dominic wrote on August 21:

To conclude, I know nothing about the impasse between Sony and Marvel. I have no inside track on such issues. But whatever is decided by the big suits at these big Hollywood studios – my hunch is that the show will continue. Too much at stake and too many dollars riding on it – and besides, everyone wants the same thing; namely, Spider-Man on large screens keeping people safe and entertained.

That’s a pretty safe bet. After all, Sony isn’t planning on killing the Spider-Man franchise any time soon. If anything, the end of its agreement with Disney/Marvel could open up Spidey to interact with the studio’s own budding Spider-verse, which includes the [Oscar-winning animated film, along with Venom, the upcoming Morbius movie, and more.

Could Tom Holland be joining the Spider-verse?

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In his August 22 blog, Dominic took a more straightforward approach, emphasizing how little he knows about the details of his son’s future in the MCU:

In fact, Tom Holland’s dad has not even spoken with Tom Holland since this seismic story broke and he certainly is not taking any sides, he is not calling for any boycotts and he will not be storming any offices anytime soon.

So there you have it. Stop asking Tom Holland’s dad about the future of Spider-Man!

Instead, maybe we should be taking a closer look at Spidey himself. The MCU actor hasn’t said anything publicly for now, but he did allegedly unfollow Sony on Instagram. In the high school world that Peter Parker inhabits, that’s basically the equivalent of a public breakup.