'Star Wars: Episode 9' Theory Reveals a Shocking Rey-Anakin Connection

This fan theory is so good we just had to share it.

We love talking about fan theories at Inverse, especially Star Wars fan theories. Last week, in our Multiverse newsletter, I asked readers to respond with their favorite theories about Rey’s origins in Star Wars: Episode IX — The Rise of Skywalker. I shared a few in the most recent newsletter, but one of them was so good that I wanted to publish the entire thing here.

Below, you’ll find a genius theory from Multiverse reader Brian Lucas. You can also follow Brian on Instagram, where he posts a lot of delicious photos of grilled meats, but not much about Star Wars.

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I have a theory that I haven’t heard anywhere…

First, now that Star Wars is a Disney franchise we have to remember there is almost always a social narrative woven into their movies. This social narrative is typically tied to a current movement around equality, etc.

Second, our current social and political climate is all about gender equality (balance).

Third, we live in a post-modern, pluralistic society that believes truth is not exclusive and all religions lead to the same outcome. Therefore, part of Disney’s goal with the Force will be to make it inclusive and available to all people as evidenced at the end of The Last Jedi and the kid with the broom.

The prophecy around Anakin has always been about bringing balance to the force. We thought that would be achieved between Anakin and Luke and their defeat of Palpatine. But what if this balance is less about the dark side and light side of the Force and more about (or at least equally about) gender equality of the Force. In today’s culture, there can’t truly be balance within a male-dominated power structure. There has to be a female power narrative as well. Case in point… Avengers: Endgame when the female characters band together in the final fight sequence and shift the outcome of the battle.

'Avengers: Endgame'


Thus my theory…

Rey’s origin story is similar to Anakins…she was conceived by midicholoroans. If Anakin is the male side of the prophecy, Rey is the female side, hence bringing balance to the force.

To add to my theory, I think she was conceived in Leia while Han was away and this was a major cause of their split. Leia in protecting the identity behind the conception of Rey either hides the truth or she tells Han and he doesn’t believe her…remember Han is the jealous type. Rey is hidden on Jakku, in the same way Luke was hidden on Tatooine.

This would also explain some of Kylo’s issues. He’s fighting against not only the legacy of Darth Vader but consciously or subconsciously against the reality that Rey, his sister is more powerful in the force than he is and closer in identity and power to his hero Darth than he is. Kylo’s redemptive arc will be his acceptance of Rey’s power and prophetic importance and submission to this power in an effort to defeat Palpatine. In other words, true evil is the patriarchy of Palpatine and when Kylo joins Rey in the fight, together they are truly bringing balance to the force by not only defeating Palpatine but also the pervasive male power structure of the force in the Star Wars universe.

Ian Mcdiarmid as Emperor Palpatine in 'Return of the Jedi.'


So you have the dark side of the force in Anakin Skywalker (Male) and the light side of the force Rey Skywalker (female)…therefore brining a true balance to the force in a social and cultural perspective.

In a Star Wars universe perspective, balance in the force will be achieved by defeating Palpatine and the dark and light will be absorbed into a singular vision of the force…male and female / dark and light…which will no longer be exclusively within the Skywalker bloodline. Balance brings inclusivity.

I guarantee this is the story. I’ll bet you a beer I’m right.

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