'HarmonQuest' Season 3 Exclusive Clip Reveals Dan Harmon's New Character

Is this chain-wielding hero some kind of hunter?

Rick and Morty co-creator Dan Harmon’s part animated, part live-action role-playing series, HarmonQuest, returns this weekend to the VRV streaming platform after more than a year and a half hiatus, and Inverse can share an exclusive clip from the Season 3 premiere in which Harmon role-plays as a chain-wielding warrior who just wants to show off how good he is at whipping those things around.

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“The only thing thicker than string … is chain!” Harmon says in-character at the start of the clip before his character unleashes a flurry of chain twirls leaving his fellow adventurers in awe. That includes series regulars Erin McGathy as the half-elf barbarian warrior Beor O’Shift and Jeff B. Davis as the goblin rogue Boneweevil, who compares the chain spectacle to Cirque du Soleil. With them is special guest Matt Gourley as a new human cleric Chadge Zoobag — yes he’s Fondue’s father.

For anyone who was wondering about the chain-wielding newcomer after seeing him briefly in the official Season 3 trailer released earlier this month, our new clip at the top of this article sheds a bit of light on the character.

The party enlists the help of Harmon’s new wolf pelt-wearing warrior to retrieve a sword they dropped down the mountainside — the very sword that currently has the soul of Harmon’s half-orc ranger Fondue Zoobag trapped inside.

This new character isn’t named directly in the Season 3, Episode 1 synopsis or in the clip, but it seems like he’ll have a major role to play moving forward.

“After a trying time in the material plane, after the demonic convergence, our heroes have been trying to find their way, saving who they can and smiting all the evil they encounter. With the help of Chadge Zoobag, they venture to defeat the Puppet King, a powerful fiend, and encounter a mysterious new ally along the way.”

The party destroyed the Caretaker of the Abyss in the middle of Season 2 and found out in the season finale that this caused the Demon Realm and the Material Plane to merge into one, rendering the world a brutal hellscape by the time Season 3 picks up.

In it, they’ll seek the “Beast of Beginning” to reset their past, traversing time and space to set the world right. But their ongoing adventures could have dangerous consequences for the fabric of reality.

The spectral form of Fondue looms large in the official 'HarmonQuest' Season 3 promotional art.


Along the way, the core party will adventure with an array of guest stars that including the following: Kate Miccuci (Garfunkel and Oates, Steven Universe), Reggie Watts (Musician and comedian The Late Late Show with James Corden), D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place, Barry, Broad City), and Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants). There’s also actors and comedians like Carl Tart, Jared Logan, Jessica McKenna, Joel Kim Booster, and Tawny Newsome.

As always, series co-creator Spencer Crittenden serves as game master. “Fans should get ready to travel with us through time and space on HarmonQuest Season 3,” Crittenden said of the new season. “The difficulty class is higher, the campaign arcs are crazier and the dice rolls always keep the team on their toes.”

Similar to popular Dungeons & Dragons live-play podcasts and shows like Critical Role or Dimension 20, HarmonQuest is colorful fantasy role-play with comedians and professionals playing different characters. Rather than D&D, the show operates within Pathfinder, a different tabletop role-playing game adapted from D&D edition 3.5 that allows for more customization with similar mechanics.

HarmonQuest is played and recorded in front of a live studio audience, and segments are later animated by Starburns Industries. Season 3 will run for 10 episodes with new episodes hitting VRV every Sunday, starting this weekend. Tune in to finally learn about Harmon’s new character.

HarmonQuest Season 3 premieres exclusively on VRV Sunday, August 18.

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