Marvel Phase 4: The Most Exciting (and Final) Movie Already Has a Script

“Thank you, sweet rabbit."

Last month, Marvel Studios announced 10 new movies and shows as part of its Phase Four lineup. That doesn’t include Avengers 5, which may not come for quite a few more years, but it does culminate in another extremely exciting movie. Thor: Love and Thunder doesn’t hit theaters until November 2021, but we just got a pretty significant update on the new Marvel film from Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi.

Buried at the bottom of an article about his next Fox Searchlight movie (it’s about an American Samoa soccer team), The Hollywood Reporter a single sentence reveals some key details about Thor 4.

Waititi starts production on Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder at the start of 2020. He has already completed the script.

Considering that the movie doesn’t come out until late 2021, it’s interesting to learn that not only is the script already done, but filming could begin in early 2020. For comparison, Black Widow just started production and comes out in less than a year. So the implication seems to be that Thor: Love and Thunder will be an extremely elaborate movie with huge battles and lots of CGI.

That’s fitting for Thor, especially after the visual feast that was Ragnarok. If anything, Love and Thunder will be an even bigger spectacle, giving the God of Thunder a final sendoff and potentially setting up his successor with the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.

Without an Avengers movie in Phase Four, Thor: Love and Thunder could also fill that void, roping in as many heroes as possible in the face of some terrifying new threat. After seeing what Waititi did with Thor and Hulk, the idea of the director getting to play with Marvel’s entire toy box of superheroes (Spider-Man! Scarlet Witch! Shang-Chi!) is extremely exciting, to say the least.

Thor: Love and Thunder comes out November 5, 2021.

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