'Fortnite' Lost Spray Can Locations: Where to Find 5 for Spray & Play

Season X, Week 2 challenges are here.

Fortnite: Battle Royale has found its new rubber ducky or hungry gnome in Season X, Week 2’s “Spray & Play” mission, and it comes in the form of a “lost Spraycans” challenge. Released Thursday, this and other Spray & Play challenges come with a graffiti theme. Lost cans of spray paint are the new findable this season.

Where can you find five of them for the challenge?

Per usual, there are far more spray cans on the map than players need (at least nine by our count). Just go in the general vicinity of each location on the map below and look for a colorful splash of graffiti. The abandoned spray paint cans will be nearby. Logically, it’s as if somebody used up an entire can to make the graffiti and then just threw it on the ground. Is that what real graffiti artists do? What about the environment!?

Here's a map of nine spray can locations that count towards this challenge.

Epic Games

Epic Games did a solid job and distributing these evenly across the map, so it won’t really be possible to complete this in a single match. This one’s best done gradually over the course of several matches while you work on other challenges. And there’s no harm in casually working towards it throughout the rest of the season.

If you need more specific details about where to find each can, GameWith.com has an exhaustive collection of map images, a bird’s eye view perspective, and a close-up of each location. But the nearby graffiti should be enough of a clue to get you where you need to go.

There’s no expiration on the Spray & Play mission beyond Season X’s end date, so players have plenty of time left to complete all of these graffiti-themed challenges.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X should end on or around October 5, 2019.