'Fortnite' Season 10 Map Changes: Tilted Town Is Just the Beginning

A huge new map transformation mechanic is here.

The world of Fortnite: Battle Royale is in a constant state of flux as space-time destabilizes during Season X, and we finally know exactly how different areas of the map will move forward or backward in time: Rift Beacons.

When Season X began, Dusty Divot reverted back to Dusty Depot moments before the meteor crashed into the center of the map. This and other “Rift Zones” mess with the physics of the game in strange ways, but with the introduction of a Rift Beacon at Neo Tilted on Sunday, we now know how the rest of the map will shift through time.

By Monday, the Neo Tilted Rift Beacon activated. As it draws some kind of cosmic energy from the Zero Point above Loot Lake, it repurposes that energy to create a large Rift in the sky. If the Fortnite leaks are any indication, Neo Tilted will revert back to “Tilted Town”, a destination that predates Fortnite Season 1.

Tilted Town will seemingly be a “no build” zone, based on a sign glimpsed in the above clip from the Season X launch trailer, and it’ll look similar to Shifty Shafts in that it’s a mining village. The area will be covered in some kind of energy dome that preserves the location in the past, and entering into the area will change each character’s appearance. Confused? This is only the beginning.

We have no way of knowing how many Rift Zones will pop up throughout Season X, but it feels likely that every previous named destination will pop up, along with plenty of new ones that take place in the distant past or future. Places like Moisty Mire will probably return, but so will places we’ve never seen before. Something similar happened several seasons ago when Tomato Town was transformed into Tomato Temple.

What other areas might shift through time?

Will 'Fortnite' really institute a no-build zone in Tilted Town as part of Season X?

Epic Games

Dataminer Ep8Script claims to have found other locations in the Fortnite files called “Moisty Palms” and “Spicy Steps,” implying that hybrid locations half-transformed across time might happen — which sounds very confusing.

Within the next few days, Neo Tilted could disappear forever as the device reverts it back into Tilted Town so players should be on the lookout for even more Rift Beacons. We’ll probably get one each week, which will also mean big changes across the map on a consistent basis. We might not even recognize the map by the time Season X ends this fall.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X is still in its first week, and based on the in-game countdown, it should end on or around October 5, 2019.

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