5 Cool Vapes to Vamp Up Your Vaping Game

Add These Innovative Vapes To Your Collection


Vapes have advanced so much in the past few years that’s it’s like we’re really living in the future. With the market exploding and new people getting into vaping all the time, it can be confusing finding the best vapes available. Luckily, there’s no shortage of cool new vapes and no shortage of great deals on them. Here are 5 cool and innovative vapes that’ll be perfect in your collection.

Cloud Vape Pen 2-in-1 Vaporizer

Cloud Vape Pen 2-in-1 VaporizerStackCommerce

This cool Cloud Vape Pen is not only a vape pen — it’s also an actual pen. Get this inconspicuous little essential oil vaporizer that you can use as a quality pen. That way you can carry around your Vape Pen with you everywhere you go and people who see it will think it’s just a regular pen! You can pick one up on sale for 15% off for just $33.99.

NOX V2 Vaporizer Simple Kit + Refillable Liquid Pod Set

NOX V2 Vaporizer Simple Kit + Refillable Liquid Pod SetStackCommerce

The VapeDynamics NOX V2 is an advanced pod system vaporizer that features easy-to-fill magnetic pods to provide a huge amount of freedom for vaping liquid or oil. The vaporizer is designed to give a smooth and consistent draw with buttonless auto-draw tech. Plus it sports a 350mAh battery capacity that can be fully charged in just 30 minutes. Right now the VapeDynamic NOX V2 is just $32 — that’s 20% off the normal price.

Hera 2: World’s Most Advanced Dual-Use Vaporizer

Hera 2: World's Most Advanced Dual-Use VaporizerStackCommerce

The Hera2 is an advanced dual-use vaporizer that allows you to seamlessly switch between Herbal & Extract modes. Unlike other pocket vaporizes it’s build tough with ceramic and stainless steel to withstand wear and tear, but is also small enough to fit right in your back pocket. The ultra-sleek Hera2 includes a VUI touch screen and 100 high precision temperature settings, so you know this is a premium vaporizer. Right now you can grab a Hera2 Dual-Use Vaporizer for $126.99 — a full 36% off the regular price.

RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe

RT4200 Digital Classic Vape PipeStackCommerce

Here’s a vaporizer that comes in a cool and classic pipe shape. The RT4200 Digital Classic Vape Pipe has a discreet and compact design so you can use it anywhere, and a non-combustion chamber for a pure taste and clear airflow. Best of all, it’s on sale now for 65% off the normal price of $229. So you can pick up this Digital Vape Pipe for just $79.

domCBD Disposable CBD Vape Pen

domCBD Disposable CBD Vape PenStackCommerce

You can take the calming effects of CBD anywhere with the domCBD Disposable Vape Pen. These 200mg vaporizers come pre-filled and pre-charged with a delicious berry-flavored CBD oil that’s fully hemp-derived and free of THC. This is the quick and easy way to enjoy CBD, and it’s on sale for 10% off so you can get a disposable CBD Vape Pen for just $26.99. These make a great gift for a friend who hasn’t tried CBD vaping.

Of course, you should note that neither this vape pen nor these claims are approved by the FDA and you should always check with your doctor before adding CBD to your routine. Plus, with CBD laws in flux in each state, make sure to check yours before making a purchase.

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