This Portable Cooler Uses Freezing Gel to Chill for 6 Hours

Enjoy ice-cold drinks long after regular ice would have melted


The Details:

Why You Want It:

If you’re headed to the beach or the park and you don’t want a time limit on cold drinks, you’ve got two options. Either you can pack a huge cooler full of heavy ice. Or you can grab The Chiller — a smart, portable drink chiller that uses freezing gel to cool down drinks. The Chiller can chill 3 cans and beer bottles or one wine/champagne bottle by up to 20° for up to 6 hours. That way, you don’t have to watch the ice and can take your time finishing that bottle of wine.

The Deal:

The Chiller normally costs $59, but right now it’s on sale, and you can get this cool portable drink chiller for $49. That’s a 16% savings.

Prices are subject to change

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