'Star Wars 9' Theory Says Hux Joins the Resistance for Petty Reasons

The First Order leader could be making big moves in 'The Rise of Skywalker.'

With Supreme Leader Snoke out of the picture and Kylo Ren possibly having fled in the aftermath of his death, General Hux could step in as interim leader in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Though leading the First Order would be a dream come true for Hux, a new theory suggests that he’ll quickly be replaced by a higher-ranking official, but will offer up information and join the Resistance as a form of revenge.

Warning! Speculative Star Wars spoilers ahead.

With the Sith Troopers confirmed to appear in The Rise of Skywalker and speculation surrounding the introduction of an entire Sith Fleet, the First Order is likely to assign a leader who has a bit more experience and potential ties to Palpatine. Enter Allegiant General Pryde, a new character who’s been revealed as a villain in Episode IX. Fans have speculated that Kylo will be the one to take over control of the First Order, but given Hux’s hatred of the Sith Lord, there’s no doubt he’ll let everyone know who killed Snoke. However, Pryde poses another kind of challenge that could force Hux to finally take matters into his own hands.

Redditor u/kissyoursister suggests that Hux, angry at consistently being overlooked and undervalued by the First Order, will willingly hand himself over to the Resistance. The theory combines leaks and new details as proof.

“That old information about Hux being carried in with a bag over his head will be where he informs the Resistance of the Sith Fleet, and reluctantly needs to work with them to stop them,” they write.

General Armitage Hux, at your service.


If Hux goes to the Resistance for help, they won’t turn him away given all the detailed knowledge he has about the First Order and their war plans. Of course, Hux joining the Resistance will probably be brief. After all, no one in the First Order would’ve survived this long if they didn’t have a backup plan. The general has proven himself a bad guy with a grudge and his plan will undoubtedly include double-crossing the Resistance in hopes to oust Pryde and take back control.

Hux is very much the disgruntled employee of the First Order and someone who seems fed up with being a doormat to the top brass, so this theory makes him a man of action in Episode IX. Instead of standing around sneering and carrying out orders, he’ll be fighting for something he really wants.

The theory goes on to detail the First Order and the Resistance working together to defeat the Sith Fleet, though the likelihood of that happening might be slim to none. Still, if Hux does go to the Resistance for support, he probably won’t make it out of the fight alive. When all is said and done, Hux is a rather expendable character who, unfortunately (for him anyway), won’t get what he wants out of the deal, but it might prove interesting to watch him try.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20, 2019.

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