'Fortnite' Stop Sign Locations: Where to Destroy Them in Season 10

Ain't no stoppin'.

Never stop never stopping Fortnite: Battle Royale fans, because one of the very first challenges in Season X has players destroy 10 total stop signs while wearing one of the cool new outfits — just when you thought the new season might really shake things up.

Season X began Thursday morning, and already plenty of gamers want to know where the best places are to destroy stop signs in Fortnite thanks to this new challenge. First off, you can only get credit for this when using the new Catalyst outfit released with the launch of Season X. She’s essentially the female version of Drift, a central character in Season 5.

Where can you find stop signs? Common sense does prevail in this case: If it looks like a lot of people would live in a town or city, then there will probably be stop signs on the roads. Anywhere with houses, businesses, and paved roads are a great place to start.

Pleasant Park is by far the best destination to complete this challenge. It has at least eight stop signs players can destroy, assuming their progress isn’t interrupted and the signs haven’t been destroyed already.

Salty Springs, Mega Mall, and Paradise Palms are other options that have fewer stop signs, but they’re there nonetheless.

Here are most of the known stop sign locations we know of. Did you find any others? Email me at

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While it’s definitely possible to complete this challenge in a single match, it’s not likely to happen unless you have a keen enough eye to spot every single sign in Pleasant Park without getting attacked. The best chance anyone has is clearing out Pleasant Park as much as possible before moving southeast towards Salty Springs. Mobility should be your primary concern. Look for rifts, ziplines, and launch pads to make traveling that distance easier.

Using the new B.R.U.T.E. mecha might seem tempting, but everyone will be able to see track location on the map. And several players will flock directly to the robot at the start of the match anyway. You don’t want that kind of heat on you for this challenge.

The B.R.U.T.E. in 'Fortnite' seemingly takes on weapon skins.

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If you’re considering working on multiple challenges at once, know that the painted Durr Burger head is atop a hill just northeast of Pleasant Park. That makes it a bit out of the way, but starting there before heading south is a viable course of action.

The overall structure of challenges has also changed in Season X. Gone are the traditional slate of seven weekly challenges released at once. Now players have to progress through seven “Road Trip” challenges awarded as part of the battle pass. There are still seven of them, but only three can be active at one time. Why the sudden shift? We may never know.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X is available now.

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