'Fortnite' Season 10 Battle Pass Worth It? New Skins and More

Here's what $10 gets you in 'Fortnite' Season X.

Fortnite: Battle Royale Season X is here! Beyond the massive map changes and new challenges, that also means a new Battle Pass with new skins and other cosmetics to unlock. If you’re a diehard Fortnite fan you’ve probably earned enough V-Bucks to unlock the Season 10 Battle Pass for free, but anyone else faces a tough decision: Is it worth $10? Or even $30 for a Battle Bundle that lets you skip the first 25 tiers?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Season X Battle Pass.

'Fortnite' Season 10 Skins

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Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass: New Skins

We know this is why you’re here, so let’s get into it. Here’s a breakdown of all the new skins you can unlock with the Season X battle pass. They’re all progressive too, meaning even after you get one it will continue to change as you complete even more challenges in Fortnite. (You can see them all in the image above.)

  • Tier 1 starts you with Catalyst, a new skin that transforms from a normal looking leather-clad woman into a masked avatar resembling the old Drifter skin.
  • Tier 1 also includes X-Lord, a male avatar that evolves into a sort of Mad Max style shirtless scavenger.
  • Tier 23 unlocks Tilted Teknique, a remixed version of the Season 4 graffiti artist skin Teknique
  • Tier 47 brings Yond3r, a DJ wearing a mask of the game’s Llama mascot. But if you progress far enough he eventually unmasks to reveal his face.
  • Tier 70 includes Sparkle Supreme, a pretty straighforward female sin with some nice face paint.
  • Tier 87 nets you Eternal Voyager, a spin on Dark Voyager with some cool neon spacesuits.
  • Finally, Tier 100 unlocks Ultimate Knight, an awesome new spin on skins like Ice King and Ruin. He’s big and his color changes as you progress.

What Else Does the Battle Bundle Unlock?

If you’re on the fence about shelling out for a Battle Bundle or sticking to to basic Battle Pass, here’s a quick list of all the stuff you’ll unlock. You’ll also get the first three skins listed in the section above — plus a headstart on your Battle Pass friends!

  • Junk Bucket glider
  • Emote Camo wrap
  • Rift Lightning contrails
  • 300 V-Bucks
  • The Final Showdown music track
  • 70% Bonus Season Match XP
  • 80% Bonus Season Friend Match XP

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