'Hobbs & Shaw' Spoilers: Post-Credits Scenes Explained by the Writer

Screenwriter Drew Pearce spills a few beans on the movie's post-credits scenes and surprise cameo appearances.

It may not be a Marvel movie, but Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw has several major scenes that play throughout the end credits. And while they aren’t super obvious foreshadows to sequels, there is a lot to glean from when it comes to the future of the franchise. In an interview, screenwriter Drew Pearce tells Inverse what those ending scenes mean and what to expect in the future of the Fast & Furious.

Spoilers for Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw ahead.

At the end of Hobbs & Shaw, Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and Shaw (Jason Statham) take out Brixton, a former British black ops agent turned superhuman lackey of the mysterious corporation Etheon.

Etheon wanted to unleash a devastating virus upon the world, but Hobbs and Shaw went old school Legion of Doom on their candy asses. (We mean this literally, because the film pays homage to Dwayne Johnson’s pro wrestling background in the choreography of the final battle.)

With Brixton and Etheon out of the way, Hobbs and Shaw resume what could be considered their “normal” lives. But a few more things happen.

Hobbs and Shaw First Mid-Credits Scene, Explained

In the first mid-credits scene, Hobbs gets a call from his handler in the CIA, “Locke,” played by Ryan Reynolds. Yeah, that’s right: Not only does the Deadpool star make a surprise appearance, but he’s a bonafide character in the Fast & Furious universe who might appear in future sequels. More on that later.

Anyway, in a dirty hallway where Locke has murdered a room full of evil guards, he calls Hobbs in distress: Not only has another virus been unleashed, but he’s totally angry over the Game of Thrones finale. (If you haven’t already, you might want to finish Game of Thrones before seeing Hobbs & Shaw, because Ryan Reynolds straight up spoils the series finale.)

Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, and Vanessa Kirby star in 'Hobbs & Shaw.'

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Writer Drew Pearce doesn’t say whether or not the new virus will play a role in the sequel. But he does confirm Ryan Reynolds, as well as comedic actor Kevin Hart who plays a U.S. federal air marshal, were involved with Hobbs & Shaw since the beginning. The actors are two surprises the filmmakers struggled to keep hush-hush for a long time.

“They were there from [the start],” says Peace. “Certainly in the case of Ryan [Reynolds] and Kevin [Hart], they were on the map from early on. We tried to keep it quiet as humanly possible the whole way through.”

Pearce says that the filmmakers cautioned themselves against “stunt casting,” so their characters were written to have purpose in the plot. Their usefulness makes them strong contenders to appear in future sequels.

“What’s crucial about what could look like stunt casting, you can’t just have the movie stop and do a guest cameo,” Pearce says. “We had to make them characters who were integral to the story as well as being dynamic enough characters that we see them again in the Fast & Furious universe.”

He adds that their roles were “Deeply intentional” and “colored in by all of those actors who bring an awful lot of voice.”

'Hobbs & Shaw' (2019)

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Hobbs and Shaw Second Mid-Credits Scene, Explained

The second scene sees Hobbs preparing for a workout when he calls his frenemy Shaw, who is enjoying a nice pint in London. Hobbs teases Shaw that “When you least expect it, expect it.”

That’s when Shaw is surrounded by flashing police lights outside the pub. The cops demand he come out and surrender. Shaw is annoyed, but Hobbs is pleased as punch, and Shaw exits the pub with a very, very determined look on his face.

Waitaminute. Why did Hobbs call the police on Shaw? Aren’t they buddies now? Isn’t this what the whole movie Hobbs & Shaw was about?

As Pearce explains, this was a revenge prank for Hobbs to get back at Shaw for everything at the airport, from Hobbs’ fake I.D. that read “Mike Oxmaul” (say that out loud) to getting detained by authorities.

“He owed him one!” Peace says. “He never got his own payback for the near cavity search at London Heathrow. My suspicion is Hobbs has a tally on his wall, and nothing’s ever forgotten. That’s the crux of the revenge prank.”

He adds, “I find it hard to believe Shaw actually ends up in prison, but who can tell with the Fast & Furious.”

Vanessa Kirby, in 'Hobbs & Shaw' (2019).

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Hobbs and Shaw Post-Cedits Scene, Explained

The post-credits picks up from the mid-credits, with Hobbs still on the phone with Locke. It’s the final punchline to a joke introduced by Locke in an earlier scene, in which Locke speculated the plausibility of stabbing a brick through someone’s chest. Locke, who is secretly a badass, reveals to Hobbs he actually managed to stab someone with a brick.

Says Pearce via email, “The origin of that joke was the man himself, Ryan Reynolds. He’s funnier than any of us.”

Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw is in theaters on August 2.