Handmaid's Tale Season 3 Episode 11 Spoilers: 4 Questions We Need Answered

What's up with Nick? (And 3 more.)

Season 3, Episode 11 of The Handmaid’s Tale, titled “Liars,” was a game-changer. There were some huge consequences for Commanders Waterford and Winslow, Commander Lawrence had an “attack of conscience,” and June’s plan is finally starting to take shape. Bonus: the foundation of Gilead might be starting to crumble and it’s long overdue. Even with all the forward momentum, however, Season 3 has at least four questions that need to be answered before the season finale.


4. Where Is Nick?

The last we saw of Nick Blaine was in Season 3, Episode 6, and it’s been radio silence ever since. The frustrating part is that his allegiance and actions seem to have been called into question after June found out he had been lying to her. It was revealed that Nick wasn’t just an Eye with presumed ties to the Resistance group Mayday. He was also a soldier who had fought for Gilead during the war.

After the reveal, however, the reasons for why he lied to June and his position within the ranks of Gilead’s military remained shrouded in mystery. It’s odd that such a massive twist that called into question the entire backstory of a fan-favorite character has gone several episodes without being explored. Headed into the finale, it would be pertinent to know Nick’s whereabouts, where his loyalties truly lie, and to get an update on his part in the war being fought in Chicago.

Yvonne Strahovski as Mrs. Waterford.

'The Handmaid's Tale' / Hulu

3. What Will Happen to the Waterfords?

Possibly the most satisfying moment in Episode 11 came when Tuello, after being contacted by Serena in hopes of getting Nichole back, knowingly led her and Fred into Canada. They were immediately arrested and Fred was charged with war crimes.

The moment was three seasons in the making, but what happens next? The Waterfords might try and contact Commander Winslow for help, only to discover that he’s dead. Whoops.

There’s also no way Commander Lawrence will help them after Fred and Winslow questioned his loyalty and had him perform the Handmaid Ceremony while they waited downstairs. The Waterfords have continued to play a role in Season 3 even when the story no longer demanded their presence, so their capture could mean that we see less of them in the season’s final two episodes. No matter what, The Handmaid’s Tale will surely keep tabs on their new predicament.

It feels like eons since June has seen Hannah.


2. Will June Ever See Hannah Again?

Much of The Handmaid’s Tale’s third season has been dedicated to June finding and rescuing Hannah. Obviously, that hasn’t worked out in her favor. In fact, June’s actions this season have more or less managed to drive Hannah even further away.

With June currently focused on getting the 52 children the Marthas promised safely out of Gilead, where does that leave her mission in terms of Hannah? After all, June’s daughter was the reason she chose to stay behind at the end of Season 2, so it would be wise for the show to circle back around to that in some way.

Perhaps we can get a status update on Hannah’s whereabouts or June might concoct an entirely new plan that also includes tracking her daughter down and getting her to Canada. With Season 4 confirmed, June’s rescue of Hannah could come back into play later, but it’s a loose thread that definitely needs to be addressed.

Commanders Winslow and Waterford may have let the power go to their heads. 


1. How Will Commander Winslow’s Death Affect Gilead?

The end of Season 3, Episode 11 saw June kill High Commander George Winslow after he attempted to rape her. After his death, June was able to escape with the help of the Martha she saved from the Colonies at the end of Episode 2.

Though it may be a while before anyone can confirm Commander Winslow’s death (the Marthas incinerated his body), his absence will soon be brought into question. And with Fred and Serena Waterford’s arrest, Gilead has simultaneously lost three from its top brass. What does that mean for Gilead’s future? Will there be even more of a crackdown or will some things slip through the cracks as the remaining commanders struggle to regain order? Will Commander Lawrence be brought back into the fold as an esteemed leader now that Winslow’s out of the picture? Inquiring minds want to know.

With just two more episodes, The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 has a lot to explain, but with Season 4 on the way, you can probably expect a pretty big cliffhanger ending as well.

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