Apple's Patenting an iPhone Smoke Detector

This idea is fire.

Getty Images

Where you gonna be at, Samsung, when the flaming shit hits the gasoline-soaked fan? Apple has been issued a patent by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a “wireless device networks with smoke detection capabilities,” according to AppleInsider.


It’s a pretty fly move, especially when considering the viability of a fireman being able to geolocate a trapped person. Or, say, you’re at a hotel and its smoke detectors don’t go on blast. We could be seeing a lot of “Apple saved my life” tweets that actually mean it and aren’t just from some creep who only wears turtlenecks and already has his tickets to Steve Jobs.

The patent doesn’t mean that the technology will go into effect soon — or ever. But, it does get you thinking about the other kinds of detection Apple could integrate into its software and hardware. Carbon Monoxide? Do it. Smelly European guy on the subway? Check. Cigarette exhalation? Nah, whatever, stop being a cryass and just keep walking.

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