'Steve Jobs' Is Another Movie About Steve Jobs

But probably good. 

Maybe it's because the world can't get enough of the Apple co-founder who gave them the iPod, or because we're cuckoo for biopics. Either way, there is yet another film on the horizon about the enigmatic Steve Jobs, this time titled, well, Steve Jobs.

Aside from its subject (and half its title) Steve Jobs has nothing to do with the 2013 picture Jobs, Ashton Kutcher's meh attempt at being taken seriously as an actor by putting on a black turtleneck.

That will not stop people from complaining about yet another Steve Jobs movie. You may retort that the new movie is based on the 2011 biography written by Walter Isaacson, the one with the iconic black-and-white jacket picture of Steve looking at you with bedroom eyes. The one you bought and didn't read.

Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs in Steve Jobs as he navigates three pivotal Apple product launches. The film's meat will take place backstage at these unveilings, with plenty of flashbacks to fill in all the gritty details. Co-starring are Kate Winslet, Jeff Daniels, and Seth Rogen as Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in what could be Rogen's Jonah Hillian pivot out of stoner comedies and into capital-A acting.

Danny Boyle will direct a script by Aaron Sorkin; if they also bring their capital-A game, the film could contend for a Best Picture nomination. Look for the release on October 9, a few days after the anniversary of Jobs's death. 

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