Netflix Gives the WWE's Funniest Wrestler His Own Sitcom

'The Big Show Show' will stream the seven foot giant retired WWE star into homes everywhere.


Netflix just greenlit one of its biggest new shows — literally. Semi-retired WWE wrestler The Big Show, who stands seven feet tall and weighs just under 400 pounds, will star in a new half-hour family sitcom, The Big Show Show, in a fictionalized version of the former WWE Champion’s personal life.

Proving that Netflix seems to know something we don’t, the streaming giant basically just hired one of the WWE’s low-key best comedic performers.

On Tuesday, Netflix announced The Big Show Show, a new multi-cam family sitcom produced by Netflix and WWE Studios. The series, which sounds so much like a throwback to the TGIF era without actually rebooting a crusty ‘90s sitcom, will star Paul Wright as a retired WWE star who deals with an estranged teenaged daughter coming to live with his wife and two kids. It will be executive produced by Josh Bycel (Scrubs) and Jason Berger (LA to Vegas).

The Big Show Show will also star Allison Munn (Nicky), Reylynn Caster (American Housewife), Juliet Donenfeld (Pete the Cat), and Lily Brooks O’Briant (The Tick).The series is the second project between Netflix and WWE, following the recent announcement of the fantasy family film The Main Event.

Cast photo of Netflix's 'The Big Show Show.'


While the Big Show is a physically intimidating presence, and indeed has been a dominant Goliath in the ring since his WCW debut in 1995, the Big Show is also one of the funniest personalities whose comedic timing works exceedingly well with his oversized stature.

There was that time he clung onto his father’s casket when his rival, the Big Boss Man, crashed the funeral. Or that time he rap battled John Cena. Or that time he ate Eddie Guerrero’s burrito and had to “deal” with it during a match.

His memorable tag team runs with Chris Jericho and Kane, who is now an elected mayor in Tennessee, were also full of hilarious moments. Here’s a drop-dead funny moment I haven’t forgotten since 2006: At 2:13 in the video below, watch the Big Show struggle to push a forklift to free Kane, trapped behind a door, only for Kane to emerge out “another door.”

Between his killer grasp of comedy, plus roles in films like 1998’s The Waterboy, 2010’s Knucklehead and the grossly underrated SNL movie MacGruber, I think the guy will do just fine in a family sitcom.

A notable thing about the Big Show is that he’s not that big anymore. While his large size is due to acromegaly, which results in excessive growth (he underwent surgery in the 1990s to halt his condition), the Big Show admitted to living a specific lifestyle in order to maintain his 500-pound weight.

As his career winded down, a casual conversation with John Cena inspired the Big Show to cut weight. He is now in the 350 pound range and has a six-pack, which is mighty impressive for a giant.

Netflix does not yet have a premiere date for The Big Show Show.

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