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Dying to see Europe? Asia? Or maybe just some friends on the coast? The most expensive part of traveling, even domestically, is often flight prices. But that’s just because you don’t know about the deals. Rather than checking dozens of websites every single day hoping to stumble across the rare deal, you can just sign up to Dollar Flight Club. Set up your desired destination and get email and app alerts when the tickets are on sale. You can save up to 90% on flights with this method!

The Deal:

A one-year subscription to Dollar Flight Club Premium regularly costs $40, but right now you can get it for half-off and pay just $19.99. That’s a huge deal considering you can save ten times that amount on the first cheap flight you book.

Dollar Flight Club Premium: 1-Yr Subscription


Dollar Flight Club Premium: 1-Yr Subscription - $19.99

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