These Are Amazon's Highest Rated Air Fryers

Because who doesn’t love crispy, crunchy food?


Fried food is hard to resist, but everyone knows it’s not the healthiest of options. That’s why air fryers have become so popular. Air fryers circulate hot air around the food rapidly to help it cook and crisp up with a minimum of oil – up to 85 percent less oil than deep frying. With limited fat involved in the cooking, fried foods don’t have to be the calorie bombs you think they are.

As an added bonus, when you use an air fryer you don’t have to worry about oily fumes in your kitchen or the lingering odor of fried food.

We found you some of the highest-rated air fryers on Amazon that have been able to maintain those high ratings through well over 1,000 reviews.

Large and Space Efficient

Why We Chose It The Cosori air fryer has a rating of 4.7 stars with more than 1,600 reviews. This air fryer is all about sensible design, with its space-efficient square shape. It’s outfitted with a square basket that has more usable space than round baskets with the same 5.8-quart capacity. The control panel is angled so it’s easier to read and use without bending over. The air fryer has 11 presets and also has a built-in reminder to shake the baskets, a keep-warm function, and easy-to-adjust timer and temperature setting.

Also a Food Dehydrator

Why We Chose it The Ninja air fryer has a 4.8 rating with more than 1,300 reviews. This Ninja air fryer has a wide temperature range – from 105 degrees up to 400 degrees F – so you can use it for quickly frying food at a high temp or dehydrating them at a low temp. The package includes a special crisper plate you can put in the fry basket for extra crispy food, and the 4-quart basket can handle up to 2 pounds of french fries. The basket, crisper plate and dehydrating racks are all dishwasher-safe.

Grill Function

Why We Chose It The Secura air fryer has a 4.5 star rating with nearly 1,200 reviews. The appliance has a 60-minute timer and an automatic shutoff so you don’t have to worry about your food getting overcooked. The fry basket holds 4.2 quarts. This air fryer is equipped with a top grill that helps food to cook quickly and evenly, and the enclosed toaster rack gives you the option of grilling or toasting food under the grill instead of air-frying.

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