This Is the Least Expensive Smart Home Starter Kit We've Seen - and It Works Great

BRB, making my life efficient and simple


I’m a writer for Inverse, can code a bit, and have worked in cybersecurity and data analysis, so I could call myself some type of techie. My resume will back me up. But I’m falling behind in one key area most techies (probably like yourself) are excelling in: creating a Smart Home.

With the boom in tech products that are here to make our lives easier and “smarter,” we at Inverse know firsthand how difficult it is to sift through the gargantuan amount of products that are out there. That’s why whenever we find a way to shortcut our searching and identify the core items we need, we want to be the ones to share it with you.

One savvy Inverse shopper pointed out the STITCH by Smart Home Starter Kit. After reviewing it, we couldn’t keep this hidden gem to ourselves. It is a 5-piece kit that comes with some essential beginner smart home pieces, namely Monoprice’s Smart LED Dimmable Light Bulb, Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, and three safety sensors: the Door/Window Sensor, Motion & Vibration Sensor, and Water Sensor. What makes Monoprice’s starter kit so great is the fact that all of these gadgets are compatible with iOS smartphones and tablets, plus Android devices too. This means there is no external hub or gateway required—just setup in your home and go!

all the essential components to build a smarter home, hassle-free. The kit contains a Smart LED Dimmable Light Bulb, Smart Plug with Energy Monitoring, and three safety sensors (Door/Window Sensor, Motion & Vibration Sensor, and Water Sensor), all of which are compatible with Android™ and iOS® smartphones and tablets. No hub or gateway required!

Customer reviews give it a 4.5/5 disclaimer, only two reviews have been posted), but so far the STITCH pack has been praised for its easy installation and app accessibility (all devices can be controlled through the Monoprice app). Reports of long battery life do nothing but bolster the appeal of such a simple, efficient starter kit. So what are you waiting for—add to cart!