5 Highest-Rated Cat Supplies on Amazon

Looking for the “purrrfect” gift for your fave feline?


When it comes to the comparison between cats and dogs, there is a fair amount of stereotyping that happens. Dogs are often thought of as loyal companions who relish in couch cuddles and hours of raucous games. Cats on the other hand are known for their independence, penchant for pocket lasers, and only bestow their love upon the few and worthy.

To be honest, those stereotypes are pretty accurate, which is why cat owners often take meticulous care of their furry friends. In hopes to satisfy their finicky demeanors, cat owners want to invest in the best products — and who better to trust on cat supplies than fellow cat owners? From toys to comfy beds, here’s everything a cat needs to be happy (or you know, at least adequately pleased).

Youngever 24 Cat Toys Kitten Toys Assortments


Even the most elitist cat will be entertained for hours with this epic toy pack. There are 24 pieces this bundle all designed to mildly amuse your pretty kitty, from fun activity tunnels to squeaky mice. Over 1,000 cat owners scooped up this value pack, and with a nearly perfect score, you might actually manage to make your cat happy

##Pet Hair Remover Glove


Cats are pretty great at keeping themselves clean, but long haired cats especially can use a little help with grooming. This simple glove is gentle and massaging, while capable of gripping and gently pulling excess hair away. Over 2,000 people swear by it for their cats (and dogs) and the customer reviews prove it. One Amazon user “Jazzy” wrote: \

“I have a long haired Maine coon cat and he absolutely LOVES this! Literally begs for it…”

##Easyology Premium Cat Tunnel


Have a cat that loves to be cozy and alone? This tight tunnel is perfect for them. It has a crinkly padded bottom and can fold into a squishy cat bad. Roughly 750 people snagged one for their pretty kitties. The only issue? If your cat is on the bigger side you might want to avoid; that may get stuck in the small tunnel tube!

##TRIXIE Pet Products Miguel Fold and Store Cat Tower


If a cat owner could, they’d convert at least an entire room for the cats to climb and scratch to their heart’s delight. But for those who are living in smaller quarters and haven’t reached “crazy” cat millionaire status, a foldable scratch tower will have to do. This one is ergonomically designed to entice a cat tp play for hours, while also taking up as little space as possible. Amazon user Kate Leopold says her cats are already big fans:

“My cats are obsessed with this! It look them a few days to start using it, but now they love it now and play/sleep in it every day. The little hammock seems like it would be awkward for them to lay in, but nope…Two very satisfied kitties.”

##.[Cat Litter Mat - Traps Messes](https://www.amazon.com/Jumbo-Litter-Messes-Durable-Trapper/dp/B016PHLNTI/ref=sr_1_49?keywords=cat+supplies&qid=1563540957&s=gateway&sr=8-49


Ok, ok, this one is definitely more for the cat dad than the cat, but hey, taking care of a kitty is a lot of work. Make it more manageable with this simple litter box mat. It traps all of the loose litter and other nefarious messes so you can easily shake it outside and clean it off — without having to mop the whole house.