5 Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Your Favorite Home Staples You Can Find on Amazon

You don't have to change all your habits to do your part for our planet.

Unsplash / Bernard Hermant

Consumer changes aren’t going to halt global warming and climate change. Our planet’s biggest corporations are directly responsible for the harm that’s been done and it will not be reversed by even the best organized effort by consumers. But that is not meant to dissuade households from recycling or seeking alternatives to the products they’ve been using for decades. It’s still an important and necessary action to take.

If the incentive of decreasing household waste is not enough for you to consider making some changes, allow me to entice you with the prospect of saving money. Using reusable alternatives to your most used products, you’ll never be caught in a position where you’ve run out again. You won’t have to run to the store for replacements or have a laundry list of single-use paper products that tack on dozens of additional dollars to your grocery budget. And if that’s intriguing to you, keep reading, these are my 5 eco-friendly alternatives—that I use personally—to your favorite household staples.

Say Bye-Bye To Dryer Sheets

Why We Picked It: If you find yourself allergic or just turned off by the scent of your fabric softener, these reusable wool dryer balls are perfect for you. Lots of laundry gets done in this life and you don’t need to tack on the extra expense of buying dryer sheets every couple weeks. These dryer balls are an all-natural and chemical free way to keep your clothes soft as ever and wrinkle free when they come out of the dryer.

Stop Buying Cotton Balls and Rounds and Use These Instead

Why We Picked It: Whether you faithfully apply toner nightly, have make up to remove or any other number of cosmetic rituals, these reusable cotton rounds have earned a place in your arsenal of toiletries. Complete with 16 reusable rounds for every day of the week and then some as well as a convenient draw string laundry bag, all you have to do is throw these in with your regular wash for cotton rounds you only have to repurchase if you want more than 16.

No More Throwing Away Plastic Produce Bags

Why We Picked It: Not only are produce bags single use and often go right from the grocery store to the trash, but they often contain harmful chemicals like BPA, lead, mercury and other things found in low quality plastics. To prevent these chemicals from leeching their way into your food while also making an effort to stop throwing away so much plastic, these reusable mesh produce bags are the perfect alternative.

Become A Paper Towel-Free Household

Why We Picked It: Paper towels took up a huge part of my weekly trash until I purchased these. Before these came along, we were going through a roll or 2 of paper towels every week, most of which were just used to wipe up a quick spill or dry hands. This 10-pack of reusable cloths has replaced my using of paper towels for dusting, cleaning glass and mirrors as well as all my small mess needs like spills on my counter tops. Just throw them in the wash with your usual load of towels.

No More Buying and Throwing Out Hundreds of Cotton Swabs

Why We Picked It: Cotton swabs are an important part of my household just like they are many others. My partner uses them to clean his ears twice a day while I frequently need them for make up touch ups and spot treatment. Together, we would go through a 500-pack in record time. With this convenient and easy-to-store set of reusable cotton swabs, all we have to do is put them in the dishwasher with our regular load of dishes and we don’t need to buy cotton swabs anymore.

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