Make Your Own Salsa & Smoothies With This Versatile Blender

This Immersion Blender Will Save You Money At The Grocery Store


The Details:

Why You Want It:I

It’s time to grow up and make your own smoothies. Stop spending eight bucks a pop at that healthy smoothie bar across town and make your own delicious smoothies at home with the ingredients you want. This immersion blender has six speeds so it’s super versatile, perfect for smoothies and much more. Prefer a milkshake? This will do it. How about whipped cream? Or salsa? Or pesto? Here’s an all-in-one solution that will quickly save you tons of money at the grocery store or smoothie shop.

The Deal:

This Immersion Blender 4in1 6-Speed Hand Mixer Set costs $59.99, but now it’s available for 41% off asking price. You can get this set and start saving for only $34.99. That’s what, a half dozen trips to the smoothie shop?