4 Deals You Can't Get From Prime Day

Save Money And Improve Your Life With These Exclusive Deals


Everyone loves a good deal, but not all sales are equal. Amazon Prime Day might have a lot but here are four deals focused on improving your life that you just can’t get on Amazon. With these deals, you can increase your business prowess using management training, boost your soft skills in everything from sales to Microsoft Excel, simplify your file management set-up, and improve your mental health. These are the kind of deals that will improve your life far beyond a single day.

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The Ultimate Supervisor & Manager Training Bundle

The Ultimate Supervisor & Manager Training BundleStackCommerce

If you want to succeed in business, either your own or in the workplace, you need to acquire the skills of a supervisor. This huge 13-part manager training bundle will give you the tools, skills, and confidence of a high-performing supervisor. Learn budgeting, mentoring, business management, workforce motivation, leadership skills, six sigma, virtual workplace management, and many other skills.

Not only that but also included in this course bundle are certificates so you can display proof of your newly-acquired knowledge on your resume. This 13-part bundle is available for a sale price of $29.99, a full 98% off the regular price of $2589.

Skill Builder Pro: Lifetime Membership

Skill Builder Pro: Lifetime MembershipStackCommerce

Skiller Builder Pro is a members-only service designed to teach the most important skills necessary in the modern business world. Skiller Builder Pro features a robust library of over 300 short courses available to study from any device, including your phone. Learn soft skills such as employee recruitment, sales, and negotiating, as well as technical knowledge including how to use Excel, Outlook, and Microsoft Word.

A lifetime membership to Skill Builder Pro costs $2280 but you can get one for $49 and save 97% in the Inverse Shop.

iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac & Windows

iMazing 2: Universal License for Mac & WindowsStackCommerce

iMazing is the Swiss Army Knife of Apple device management. Easily manage your mobile data including text messages, songs, and photos between iPhone, iPad, and iPod with this simple tool, all wirelessly and without any device hacking. iMazing is used by over ten million Apple users for file transfers and management, so you know it’s reliable. Not only that, but it’s also affordable at the sale price of just $19.99 — which is 77% less than usual.

Aura Premium: Lifetime Subscription

Aura Premium: Lifetime SubscriptionStackCommerce

With so many things to keep you occupied and so much work to do for your career, it’s easy to overlook working on yourself. Your mental health is vital, so set aside some time and energy to recharge with Aura. It’s an app that helps relieve stress and anxiety with short science-backed meditation exercises. The app uses ground-breaking AI and machine learning to personalize your experience to your specific needs.

Your mental well-being is priceless, but it doesn’t have to be pricey. A lifetime subscription to Aura Premium is now available for $79.99, which is 83% less than the normal price of $499.