Beat the Summer Heat With Delicious Cold Brew Coffee From Rise Brewing Co.

The nitro-canned beverage is the best cold brew coffee for summer.

Cold Brew has become one of the leading ways to drink coffee. Its slower brewing process allows for a sweeter, richer brew that’s taken ice coffee to the next level. So instead of stopping in at local coffee shops daily and hemorrhaging money for your little cold brew habit, amplify your caffeine intake by stocking your fridge with Rise Brewing Company’s Nitrogen Cold Brew, the best cold brew coffee for summer.

To give their cold brew it’s naturally sweet, bold and chocolatey flavor, Rise’s founders cold brewed organic coffee grown at high altitude in Peru’s Chanchamayo Valley. Instead of stopping the process when the cold brew was ready, they decided to condition their cold brew with nitrogen. This extra step created their signature flavor, which perfectly complements the cold brew by giving it a beautiful cascade, creamy head, and refreshingly smooth finish, which is conveniently available as a ready-to-drink canned beverage.

So take a look at some of Rise’s coffees listed below, or check out the company’s website for a full list of products, and experience their unique take on cold brew for yourself.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Original Black

For cold brew purists, the Original Black flavor exists so you can enjoy a delicious cup of cold brew coffee whenever you get the urge. Rise’s award-winning nitrogen-infused cold brew coffee is made with purified water and organic coffee, and nothing else. Their O.G. Black flavor is creamy, naturally sweet and refreshingly smooth. Not only that, it comes with 180mg of caffeine, so you’ll be alert without feeling like a tweaker. Chill the can, pop the top and enjoy the best cold brew coffee you’l find this summer.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Classic Latte

For coffee lovers who prefer their cold brew on the creamy side, there’s the Classic Latte to satisfy your needs. It’s got all the nitro goodness of the Original Black with a light foamy milk. The geniuses at Rise took their nitrogen-infused cold brew latte and added a dash of organic dairy milk. The result is taking their signature organic coffee to the next level. It’s velvety, slightly sweet and the perfect way to chill out on a hot day. Leave some in your refrigerator for a quick pick me up that’s 70% less acidic than standard coffee and free of harsh chemicals and additives to boot.

Nitro Cold Brew Coffee: Oatmilk Cold Brew

Here Rise takes their Classic Latte and tweaks it so people who don’t drink dairy can enjoy an above par latte anyways. They do this by taking their nitrogen-infused cold brew and miking it with a dash of dairy-free oat milk. The result is a dairy-free latte that’s delightfully rich and creamy. However, this delectable treat is the result of Rise’s one-of-a-kind oatmilk that they produce in-house to ensure their product is organic with a flavor that perfectly complements their cold brew. Their process is simple. They mix oats, sunflowers, water and a dash of sea salt to produce non-dairy milk that’s as pure and refreshing as their cold brew. The result is a non-dairy latte that’ll blow you away.

Rise Brewing Co.: The Best Cold Brew Coffee For Summer

This summer, when it comes to your caffeine consumption, think ahead. You don’t want to be wasting time in line waiting for a mediocre cold brew. Not when you could walk from your couch to the fridge and be blown away with next level coffee from Rise Brewing Co., the best cold brew coffee for summer.

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