'Fortnite' Volcano Vent, Air Vent, and Zipline: How to Use Them in 1 Match

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Whenever Fortnite: Battle Royale players see a challenge that says “in a single match,” that’s always a cause for concern. These types of challenges are often the most difficult, and that remains true for one new challenge that unlocked as part of Season 9, Week 8 on Thursday morning: “Use a volcano vent, air vent, and a zipline in a single match.”

Volcano vents have been around for more than a full season and ziplines for much longer. Air vents are relatively new, but we’ve never seen a challenge before that integrates all three. The real challenge here is finding the optimal is a great resource for these types of challenges. Using the “Spawns” submenu, you can easily find the spawn locations of anything on the map. For these purposes, it’s a great way to pinpoint the location of all the volcano vents and ziplines. Unfortunately, it doesn’t list air vent locations right now, but it does list sky platforms, which always have air vents.

This LootLake.Info is an excellent resource for finding volcano vents and ziplines.

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Strategy for this one should be obvious: You have to focus on the northwest quadrant of the map around the volcano. That’s where all of the volcano vents are. Mega Mall has many air vents, but it’s also a popular landing destination, making it a dangerous place to visit for a challenge like this.

Reference the boxed area above, which includes several volcano vents, a network of ziplines, and the sky platform with two air vents on it. Of these three modes of travel, the air vents can be destroyed, so they should be slightly higher on your priorities.

The most efficient way to complete this challenge, as evidenced by the video at the top of this article, is to land right on top of a volcano vent just south of the volcano and use that to vault up to the sky platform. From there, use either air vent — but preferably the one that launches you south. Then it’s a short walk over to a nearby zipline to complete this challenge.

Ziplines and air vents give you less control over your movement, so going for the volcano vent first is optimal. The faster you complete this challenge, the less likely it is that someone will eliminate you.

Any volcano vent will do.

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According to the in-game countdown that comes with this season’s battle pass, Season 9 is scheduled to end on July 23, so there’s now under a month to complete this and other challenges before Season 10 arrives.

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