'Destiny 2' 21% Delirium Quest, Perks: Season 6 Gambit Pinnacle Weapon

It has perhaps the highest rate-of-fire of any 'Destiny 2' weapon.

Whenever a new season of Destiny 2 begins, new quests are introduced leading players to pinnacle weapons for Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible. These exotic-lite weapons are some of the best in the game, so the accompanying quest is often quite the grind, and that remains true for Season 6’s Gambit pinnacle weapon, 21% Delirium.

Season of Opulence began in early June, but for anybody who acquired the quest for 21% Delirium during Season 6 (aka, Season of the Drifter) it might still be sitting in your pursuits tab. Because the bounty references a triumph, it can get a little confusing trying to figure out exactly what you have to do to complete this task. The bounty just says to complete the “By Your Bootstraps” Gambit triumph, but if you don’t know where to find that in the triumph menu, it makes for a confusing starting point on this quest.

Save yourself the time by reading our handy guide to learn everything about 21% Delirium, including how to get it. (Sidenote: Only players who picked up the pursuit last season can complete the quest to claim 21% Delirium.)

21% Delirium is one of three pinnacle weapons that were released when Season of the Drifter began.


21% Delirium is the Season 6 Gambit pinnacle weapon given out by the Drifter to anyone who completes the quest. A legendary machine gun that takes up the power weapon slot, 21% Delirium is a rapid-fire machine gun with the fastest time-to-kill of any machine gun right now thanks to a rate of fire that’s at least double that of any other — and it has a staggering magazine size of 132 rounds. Its design is more or less identical to Hammerhead, a machine gun crafted by SUROS, so the going assumption is that 21% Delirium is a Hammerhead that’s been heavily modified by the Drifter.

The unique exotic-lite perk is Killing Tally: Kills increase damage until the weapon is stowed or reloaded. But it also has Overflow as an additional perk, so whenever the player picks up energy or power ammunition, it reloads the weapon to beyond normal capacity. If a player specs their armor to increase drops for these ammo types, they can march into a huge group of enemies and just spam fire the 21% Delirium from the hip at close range with no real issues.

Similar to how the Ace of Spades was Cayde's personal weapon, it seems like 21% Delirium is the Drifer's weapon of choice.


Here’s every step in the quest for 21% Delirium:

Step 1
Acquire “By Your Bootstraps” from the Drifter during Season 6

The easy part is picking up this pursuit from the Drifter over in the Annex, but it’s become impossible to do now that Season of the Drifter has ended. You have to already have the pursuit in order to accomplish it, and as far as we know, there’ll never be another chance to get it.

Step 2
Complete the “Notorious Hustle” Triumph in Gambit
In any Gambit activity, earn multikills of 5 or more, defeat Primeval envoys, and reset your Infamy rank.
  • Multikills (75)
  • Envoys and Primevals defeated (350)
  • Infamy rank reset

The hardest part of completing this quest is knowing how and where to find “Notorious Hustle” in the Triumphs tab under Gambit > Lifetime > Career. That’s where you can track your progress.

No part of the actual quest is all that difficult. A multikill of 5 or more means you have to kill that many enemies very quickly, easily achievable by targeting groups of enemies with supers, grenades, and rocket launchers.

Defeating Primevals and their Envoys will happen naturally as part of the Gambit experience, whether it’s Gambit or Gambit Prime. Players trying to get the 21% Delirium should focus all of their energy on killing Primeval Envoys when they spawn. Primevals are worth more points for this task, so you could make the argument that winning at Gambit matches will naturally get you where you need to go.

An Infamy rank reset presents the greatest challenge for acquiring the 21% Delirium. For some reason, Infamy rank works differently than Valor or Glory ranking in the Crucible. To achieve an Infamy reset, players have to reach 15,000 Infamy points. Players have estimated this takes around 100 wins in Gambit matches, with variation depending on win streaks and bounties.

Just like in the Crucible, players can go on a win streak in Gambit to earn more and more Infamy points. With a five win streak, players earn 250 points per win. Up to 12,000 (the Legend rank), both wins and losses contribute to Infamy, but once you reach Legend, the only way to gain points is by winning or cashing in bounties.

The language of the Triumph does mean that Gambit and Gambit Prime both qualify, so someone with a full set of Gambit Prime armor might as well take advantage of those perks in that game mode to earn their Infamy faster. (Gambit Prime matches go much quicker than regular Gambit.)

Here are some additional tips that will help with this pursuit:

  • Always focus on Gambit bounties of any kind. Especially once you’ve reached 12,000 in Infamy and hit Legend, turning in completed bounties will become the most reliable way to earn more Infamy. But completing bounties and doing a mix of Gambit and Gambit Prime will only accelerate your Infamy even if it’s low.
  • Focus on Reaper or Sentry as a role in Gambit Prime — While Collectors bank motes and Invaders attack the enemy team in Gambit Prime, the Reaper slays enemies and the Sentry defends against Taken. These two roles are much more likely to get multikills and have benefits for doing so. For the first step in this challenge, dabble in some Reckoning to build up your armor in one or both of these roles. (Read a Gambit Prime guide here.)
  • Use Wavesplitter or Telesto against Primeval Envoys — Void damage helps take down Primeval Envoy shields at an accelerated rate, and exotic weapons like Wavesplitter or Telesto are the best options for killing them.
  • Winning Gambit or Gambit Prime should be your focus. — The players wracking up multikills and slaying Envoys and Primevals ASAP are the ones who win at Gambit and Gambit Prime, so they’re therefore going to rank up their Infamy fastest. As such, the best way to grind away at this quest is to get good at Gambit.
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